Give John’s Alt a Makeover Competition

You are tasked with helping JohnsanGeezo rename and reskin his alt account – Amandeha! You can choose to either suggest a name, a skin or both. If John chooses your entry, you will receive 5 diamond blocks. That’s 5 blocks for the chosen name, and 5 blocks for the chosen skin. If you are the winner of both, you will receive 10 diamond blocks.


  1. Maximum 1 name and 1 skin per person.
  2. The new name must link back to JohnsanGeezo – it must be clear that it’s John’s alt account.
  3. The skin needs to be based off JohnsanGeezo’s skin (

All entries are to be submitted to by no later than 9pm Sunday 19th September. Please make sure you include your MC username in the email.