Bedrock Edition

LibraryCraft is a Java Edition server at it’s core, so connecting with Bedrock Edition does mean there are a few differences in features. While many work as expected (Survival Mode, Creative Mode, the Warp Gates, PvP, Spleef, and more), some don’t work or don’t display the same.

If you would like to be able to use all of the features in LibraryCraft, simply get yourself a Java Edition account and get in touch with the Server Owner to get whitelisted again.

Linking Accounts

It’s possible to link your Bedrock account to your Java account, so the Bedrock account is hidden. When logging in to a linked account through a Bedrock platform (iOS, Android, Switch or Xbox), you’ll see the Java Edition username, the last known location of the Java player, as well as mail, inventories and saved home locations.

Speak to one of the LibraryCraft team to find out how to link accounts. Both accounts need to be whitelisted on the server. It is not possible to keep the accounts separate – they must be linked.

Server Shop

The server shop (accessible via /shop) works to an extent, but it does look different. You can also buy from the shop through Bedrock, but as the Sell option uses a mouse right click, it won’t work.

Below is what it looks like if I was buying a Beacon from the “Other” category (the saddle in the first image).

To buy from the server shop in Bedrock, click the category or item you want to purchase (on the right) and then click your inventory (on the left). Clicking your inventory will progress the screen to the next step.

You won’t be able to sell through the menu system, but you can use a new command that is only accessible to players with a Bedrock account:

/sellall <itemname>

Replace <itemname> with the name of the item you want to sell – golden_axe, wheatseeds, grass_block etc. It must be formatted correctly in order to work, and the item must be in your inventory. Below is what the server shop looks like in Bedrock. If you’re not sure of the name of the item you’re selling, use /itemno.

Claiming Land

As claiming land needs the right click to function, you won’t be able to claim in Bedrock Editions. Simply ask a player in game and they will claim the area for you and transfer ownership. At this stage Bedrock players are limited to two transfers.


Server news is given through a book. When the news changes this appears when the players first login after the change. You can also view the book again by using /news. Unfortunately this doesn’t work in Bedrock and there’s no way to get around it.