What is LC Create?

UPDATE: LC Create is changing!

LC Create is a Modded Fabric 1.19.2 server run by the LibraryCraft team, just for 13 to 17 year olds in Western Australia. LC Create runs the incredibly popular Create Mod, among a wide range of others:

  • Chipped – adding over 9000 variants of vanilla blocks
  • Proximity Chat – also known as Simple Voice Chat
  • Waystones – for fast travel
  • BetterNether & BetterEnd
  • JourneyMap
  • Farmer’s Delight – for additional food and cooking options
  • When Dungeons Arise – for loads of dungeons to explore
  • Lootr – so every naturally generated chest is unique to each player
  • Distant Horizons – for greater draw distances
  • and a whole lot more!

Entry Requirements

  • You must be 13 – 17 years old, living in WA.
  • You need to have logged a minimum of 12 hours of play on the main LibraryCraft server network. You will be whitelisted on that server first – there’s plenty to get stuck into!
  • A Server Terms of Use form must be signed by both the player and their parent, to be whitelisted on LC Create. This is not necessary for regular LibraryCraft.

Additional Rules

In addition to the main LibraryCraft rules, the following specific rules also apply:

  • Tunnel bores (mechanical drill rigs) to be no bigger than 5×5 drills.
  • You cannot start your tunnel bore and then log off. If your tunnel bore is in operation, you should be with it. A good practice is to follow the bore with torches to light up the tunnels. You can then collect the ores it misses.
  • Tunnel bores should not be used within 1000 blocks of spawn.
  • Tunnel bores not to be used near populated or built up areas. Unwanted tunnels probably won’t be the aesthetic people are after!
  • Password protected voice chat groups will not be permitted.
  • As a courtesy to others, please ask in chat before joining voice chat groups. The only exception to this rule is for mods and staff.
  • TNT columns or blocks not to be used. Use TNT sparingly.

Modified Sanction System

What is a sanction system? It’s the consequences for breaking the rules. In the main server network it’s a warning, jail time and then a ban if it escalates. For LC Create, it is different.

Failure to follow the server rules (including the additional rules) will result in:

  • 1st offense: Written warning (in game/Discord)
  • 2nd offense: Permanent ban on LC Create

If the issue is deemed serious enough, it will also result in jail time or a ban in the main LibraryCraft server network as well. A first offense may receive a greater loss of privileges in some cases.

Note: players that have received bans in LibraryCraft will not be permitted to play on LC Create.

Important differences between LibraryCraft & LC Create

  • There is no option to roll back inventories. If you lose something, we won’t be able to get it back! Be careful.
  • Graves will spawn on death but will not keep experience orbs, and backpacks will be placed next to the graves. If you die in the void, you will lose your backpack.
  • TNT will be on, but use it sparingly.
  • Claims should be used as they will protect your items and builds.
  • A separate Player’s Guide is available to help players get started. Make sure you familiarise yourself with it!
  • The worldborder has been set to 6k x 6k. Plenty of room to explore!

Please note that not every PC will be able to run the modpack. We’ve optimised it as best we can, and have had some success with low end PCs already, but each setup is different, and we can only provide limited support for set up.

If you have any questions about anything LC Create related, you can reach out to us in Discord, or via an email to whitelist@librarycraft.net.