LC Create Server Player’s Guide

Connecting to LC Create with CurseForge

LC Create includes a good amount of mods that might mean your PC cannot run it. We’re unable to provide support for those PCs that are unable to run LC Create. We’ve optimised the server and modpack as best we can, the rest is unfortunately out of our control.

It also requires a certain installation process, through CurseForge.

  1. Download and install CurseForge (if you don’t have it already)
  2. Download the LC Create Modpack
  3. Open CurseForge and click Create Custom Profile at the top of the screen.
  4. Select Import to import a previously created profile, and select the LC Create modpack zip file.
  5. Once installed, click Play. It will open the Minecraft Launcher with a new installation. Click Play again as normal.
  6. If you are whitelisted (ie you have logged enough hours in LC, and have completed the LC Create T&Cs form (.pdf OR .doc), you’ll find the server already in the Multiplayer list, ready to connect.

You may want to allocate more RAM to Minecraft, depending on how it runs. You can do that with these instructions.

Using LC Create on a Mac

If you’re setting up LC Create on a Mac, you won’t be able to use CurseForge, as Simple Voice Chat won’t work. You will need to install Prism Launcher instead. You can find install information and how to use modpacks here.


Mod Updates Screen

To make the management of the server as simple as possible, and to make it easier for players, we won’t be doing regular updates to the modpack for bug fixes released by each mod. If the Mod Updates screen appears when you start Minecraft, do the following:

  • Select the Disable Check box at the bottom right of the screen
  • Select Done to continue loading Minecraft.
  • Please DO NOT update your mods unless told to do so.

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Swapping between LC Create and LibraryCraft

What if you want to swap over to regular LibraryCraft, or go from LC to LC Create?

It’s easy! Your regular Minecraft install and set up won’t change. If you want to play on the main LC server, simply start the launcher as you normally would and log in.

If you want to play on LC Create, you’ll need to start CurseForge and click Play on the modpack. It will then open a launcher which will have the mods ready to go.

Note: You can’t log in to the main server from in the modpack’s installation. Blocks won’t display properly!


Key binds

With more mods and functions in the modpack, each mod may have it’s own controls, also known as key binds. Note that some of the default key binds will conflict with each other, so it’s worth checking and setting them up the way you like them. A couple of tips:

  • The minimap toggle & voice chat mute buttons are both set to M by default, so you may inadvertently mute yourself!
  • Accessing your backpack and your inventory need to be different, as you will need to open both – the backpack doesn’t give you access to your armour slots.


Getting Around

In LC Create there’s a few different ways to get around. Players can use:

  • /rtp to teleport to a random location in the overworld (does not work in the Nether or the End)
  • /tpa to request a teleport to a certain player (works across dimensions)
  • /back to go back to your previous location
  • Waystones are located in each village and can also be crafted! See the next section.



Waystones naturally spawn in each village, and can be crafted. There’s a few different versions of them. You can read more about Waystones on the mod page. They’re cheap to craft, but do use a full level of XP when travelling. There’s also a bunch of other tools that are useful – Empty Waystone Scrolls can be used to give your list of available waystones to someone else. Click a scroll on a waystone, give it to someone else! When they right click, the scroll will disappear and your waystones will be accessible by them.

Do note that waystones inside a claim cannot be interacted with UNLESS that claim has the interact global permission set as true. Check out /flan menu and edit the Global Permissions for your claim so the InteractBlock (gold nugget) is set to true.



If you die, your items will be stored in a grave. Break the grave to get your gear back. If you have a backpack equipped, it will be placed next to it. Note that if you have Create Engineer’s Goggles in the trinkets slot, it won’t be placed in the grave and will just drop. Luckily they’re cheap to make if you lose them! You will lose your XP when you die.



You are able to protect your builds with claims. Every player starts with 10,000 claims blocks. Every 15 minutes of play will earn you one more block. To create a claim, use a golden shovel and right click where you want the corner of your plot to be. Right click the opposite corner and your claim will be set. To check other claim locations and boundaries, right click with a Golden Sword (note: not a stick!)

You are able to give other players different levels of access to your claims. This and many other customisation options are available by using /flan menu. Select Edit Global Permissions (the beacon) while standing in a claim. This will open up a new GUI with heaps of options for that claim!


Simple Voice Chat

Otherwise known as Proximity Chat, SVC allows players to speak in game provided they are close enough. The maximum distance is 48 blocks, however blocks in front of you will muffle sound. Stand either side of a wall and the sound will be muffled. At a distance, this will block sound entirely.

To make sure SVC is set up correctly for you, select V to open the SVC menu and select Settings. The following menu will appear.

Choose your microphone and speaker, and set Activation type to Voice instead of Push to Talk.

If you want to have a voice chat with someone regardless of how far away they are (or what world they are in), you can create a Group. This will cancel out any proximity settings. Note that it will also cancel out echoes from the Sound Physics Mod.

Important: When using voice chat, please ensure you are wearing headphones. Background noise can activate your microphone, and the other players will also hear themselves through your speakers.

Help with Create

The Create mod is fantastic and seems very natural, but it is a lot more complicated than regular Minecraft! Luckily there’s an in built way to begin to figure it out. When you open your inventory now, you’ll see a huge list of items to your right. That’s the Roughly Enough Items mod. It will show you every item in the game, what mod it belongs to, the recipe if it has one, what you can do with it, and with the Create items, a tutorial on what to do with it.

To filter out items per mod, use the search bar at the bottom of the screen. Type @Create to filter out just Create mod items. This works for the other mods too, and individual items.

To find out more about the Create items, you can ponder them! Ponder-able items will have “Hold [w] to Ponder” underneath the item name. Click the item to see the crafting recipe, and more, or click it and then hold W to ponder it.

The ponder screen will show with an animation how to use that item.

Another good way to get started is with the Create Wiki.



JourneyMap is not only the minimap, but a full screen map AND a web map! It’s not Dynmap though.

The minimap will automatically map to you (like every minimap does), and will be visible in the top right corner. It will also show your waypoints and waystones. You can display a list of all of your waypoints by pressing N.

The full screen map (visible by pressing J) shows a lot more, and is similar to Dynmap. Note it will only show the areas that you have explored.

If you have a second screen, you can display the full screen map on your second screen. Note that this will only work for you on the same PC you are playing on. To set this up, click the settings button (bottom of the screen, second button to the left on the full screen map), then choose Web Map. Tick the Enable Web Map box. If you don’t change the number in the box, the Web Map URL for you will be localhost:8080. If that doesn’t work, simply change the number.


Traveller’s Backpack

Backpacks are a brilliant addition that gives you not only a double chest on your back, but two more weapons slots, plus two liquid tanks that can store either water, lava, milk or potions, a sleeping bag (that won’t override your spawn bed), plus a 3×3 crafting table.

To check out how to use this amazing mod (crafting, use and all the other extra things you can do – certain backpacks have extra abilities!), have a read of the mod page.

IMPORTANT: If you die, your backpack will be placed on the ground NEXT to your grave. If you die in the void with a backpack on, it will be LOST! Be careful. We can’t get items back in this server.


Loot Chests

The server not only includes a huge amount of different dungeons and challenges to explore and raid, but plenty of loot for everyone. Each naturally generated chest (those found in vanilla villages, modded villages and fortified towns, dungeons, ships and more) is unique to the player.

Chests you’ve not opened yet will appear gold with emeralds. Once they’ve been opened once, they’ll turn silver with amethyst gems. The items you leave in them are unique to you. If another player comes across one that looks silver for you, it will appear gold for them. They’ll have different loot per player too. Someone might get iron, others could get diamonds!


Colorful Azaleas

One of the prettiest mods we’ve included in the pack is Colorful Azaleas, which lets you craft seven beautiful flowering azalea tree variants, plus new wood types (planks, logs, unique doors, trapdoors, fences, gates and pressure plates). These aren’t available in every dye colour – only orange, red, blue, yellow, pink, purple and white.

In order to craft these you’ll need an azalea bush (the non-flowering variety), and one of the dye colours listed above. Place them in a crafting table and you’ll get the corresponding colorful azalea bush!


Known Texture issues

The following items currently have texture issues and will display as a purple and black cube. Please do not use these items.

  • Hanging Pots (hung off a vertical surface ONLY). Note these work if placed on top of a surface OR hanging from Beautify ropes
  • Hanging Signs
  • Flower Pots
  • Lanterns (hung off a vertical surface ONLY). This will work if placed on top OR under a surface.
  • Chipped Door variants

These are currently not working due to one of the dependency mods (a mod that another mod needs in order to work). As it only impacts a very small amount of blocks we’ve decided to work around them.


Mod List

Note: This is not the entire list of mods – dependencies and server only mods are not included.

* Mod can be removed for personal preference
** Mod can be removed for improved performance

Mod NameNotes
Beautify RefabricatedAdds lattice, hanging plants, blinds and more.
BetterEndComplete overhaul of the End.
BetterF3 *Makes the F3 screen easier to read
BetterNetherComplete overhaul of the Nether
ChippedAdds over 9000 new blocks – all variants of vanilla blocks.
Colorful AzaleasAdds 7 new flowering azalea trees and new custom woodtypes.
CreatePower, steampunk, windmills, trains, and so much more!
Decorative BlocksAdds several new decorative blocks.
Diagonal FencesAdds diagonal fences!
Distant Horizons **Adds simplified terrain past the default view distances. Great for mountaintop views!
Fabric WaystonesAdds waystones to villages for fast travel. Can also be crafted.
Farmer’s DelightExpnds on the farming and cooking aspect of the game.
GravestonesDie and your items get stored in a gravestone.
HandcraftedAdds a large amount of furniture options.
JourneyMapMinimap, full screen map, locally hosted browser map and waypoints.
LootrUnique inventories for every loot chest for every player on the server.
Macaw’s BridgesAdds a variety of bridges and stairs to craft.
Macaw’s Fences & WallsAdds a variety of fences and walls to craft. Also works with Diagonal Fences.
Mouse TweaksAdds dragging mechanics for mice.
Roughly Enough ItemsEasy way to browse recipes and uses for blocks.
Simple Voice ChatAdds proximity voice chat, plus group voice channels in game.
Sound Physics RemasteredAdds realistic sound reverberation and echoes.
SupplementariesAdds a huge amount of new items and blocks, both decorative and functional.
The GraveyardAdds new mobs, random graves to explore, and new blocks.
Towns and TowersAdds new structures, pillager outposts, ships and more to explore.
Traveler’s BackpackAdds extra portable storage and crafting table, plus a sleeping bag and liquid tanks.
TrinketsAdds extra slots to your inventory for wearing and holding items.
When Dungeons AriseAdds a huge amount of customised dungeons with harder mobs to fight.