Underwater Bases – Extra Content

To celebrate National Science Week’s theme of Deep Blue, we’ve teamed up with the WA Maritime Museum! We want you to build your best Underwater Base. Builds must be themed around one of the following topics:

  • Research Base (underwater research – shallow and deep water)
  • Camoflaged Base (hiding from the monsters of the deep)
  • Exploration Base (searching for a new place to live)

We also have a brand new custom world just for this competition, with 100×100 size water plots! Each plot has a small section of beach.

The WA Maritime Museum has provided some extra video content from deep sea exploration missions in WA to get the creativity started! Please take a look at them.

You will also have an opportunity to ask a question of the WAMM Science team. Check out the guidelines below.

Please make sure you make use of the video content, and ask a question or two of the WAMM Science team – they have some incredible insights into the deep ocean that will help you with your builds.

A special channel on Discord (#august-creative-competition) has been created for any questions or discussion around the August competition.


  • All building is in Creative Mode
  • Builders must choose ONE topic above
  • Builders must use ONE plot only
  • All building must be done on the August Comp Map
  • All building must be contained within the plot
  • No building on non-plot areas
  • Designs must be your own
  • Single Player Entries only – no Team builds

Each Base MUST include:

  • A way to get inhabitants and supplies from the Base to the surface (each plot has a section of land)
  • Living Quarters
  • Research laboratories (plants and animals)
  • Water and Air filtration systems (use your imagination)
  • Ocean access for marine life study and exploration (shallow and deep water)
  • Submersible craft or ROV (remotely operated vehicle)

Judging will happen during the first week of September. Judging will be based on both aesthetics (how it looks), and functionality. WAMM Staff will be judging the entries as well, with each WAMM vote counting for two moderator votes!


The top 3 designs will win an extra special prize for this month only, thanks to the WA Maritime Museum.

To qualify for these prizes and ALL Emerald Points prizes, a question must be submitted to the WAMM Science team (see below). Regular Emerald Points prizes will be given out as usual.

1st Place: 300X 8-LED USB Digital Microscope
2nd & 3rd Places: 25x Brass Monocular Spyglass


In March and April this year, a team of researchers from WA Museum led by Dr Nerida Wilson set off on an exciting journey on the 82 metre research ship, the RV Falkor.

The plan for this science research expedition was to explore the very deep water in the Ningaloo and Bremer canyons off the WA coast. The aim was to discover what animals are living there, and what the marine environment is like. (This research explored waters that are far too deep for human beings to dive in: the pressure is too much for the human body. We would need a hard protective environment like a submersible vehicle in order to breathe properly and survive at those depths!)

The scientists were very excited to explore and find animals on this deep water mission and view this seascape that that no human eyes have ever seen before. The joy of discovery was an exciting part of the important science and research that was planned such as collecting samples of animals and tissue, as well as underwater footage of these animals living in their natural environment. To do this research, the RV Falkor is equipped with two remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV), as well as dry and wet laboratories, an aerial observation platform and a multibeam sonar system that can map the seafloor.

Share some of the journey’s video highlights with these WA Museum scientists as they capture the natural wonders within the deep waters off WA, including finding the largest creature ever recorded in the sea, the giant siphonophore Apolemia.

More information about the expedition:
Illuminating the Biodiversity of the Ningaloo Canyons
New Species Discovered During Exploration of Abyssmal Deep-Sea Canyons off Ningaloo

Check out the playlist below! The first few videos are only a few minutes long, but there are a few longer livestream recordings at the end.

Ask A Scientist!

To help you out with your builds, the WA Maritime Museum have arranged for some of their scientists from the RV Falkor expeditions to answer your questions!

Remember, in order to qualify for the WAMM provided prizes (see above), you need to submit at least one question!

The WAMM team have some incredible knowledge of the deeps, and this is a huge opportunity to ask questions about what it’s like down there, how humans could survive if they lived in the deep, what bases might require, and even questions about their jobs, their discoveries and more.

All questions must be submitted to JohnsanGeezo either in game through /mail or through Discord by midnight August 12th.