LibraryCraft is a Minecraft server running Paper 1.17.1 for Java Edition players. There are multiple worlds connected by portals, to allow for various styles of gameplay.

If you play on PC, Mac or Linux using Minecraft Java Edition you’ll be able to connect.

There are Survival worlds, Creative worlds, three PVP combat worlds, two BedWars arenas and a central lobby world that connects them all, plus more. You can view some of the worlds from outside the game with Dynmap.

When you enter the server, you spawn on the floating islands, in front of the rules and commands posters. There’s a flying ship with all of the gates to separate worlds, two hot air balloons, some buildings and a massive trade hall.

What can I do?

Feel free to build a home on one of the Survival worlds, create anything you want on one of the Creative worlds, enter one of our monthly competitions, start a large scale build project, or play some TNT Run, BedWars, Hide and Seek or PvP Hunger Games with a friend!

There’s also a Trade Island for each Survival World, where you can buy and sell some of your inventory for in-game currency, and a Post Office.

Are there plugins installed?

Yes! The following plugins are installed:

  • CoreProtect (data logging and anti-greifing tool)
  • GriefPrevention (players can claim plots of land to build on)
  • EssentialsX (for in game currency, in game mail and a whole lot more)
  • VeinMiner (players can dig out ore veins and cut down trees with one block break, while crouching)
  • Dynmap (interactive map)
  • TwistedMaze (maze generator)
  • Universes (allows for multiple worlds and world types on a single server)
  • Ancient Gates (how we connect the multiple worlds together)
  • DiscordSRV (connects the in game chat to our Discord server)
  • BedWars, TNT Run, HideAndSeek and more minigames
  • SinglePlayerSleep (sleeping in game fast forwards the night – this allows for only one player to enact it)

You have Discord?

Yes! Keep up to date with what’s going on via Discord – you can also interact with the players in game.

What is Discord?

It’s a free voice, video and text app that works really well with gaming. The LibraryCraft Discord is only for registered players. Players can get up to date information on what’s happening on the server and chat with other players and the moderation team without being in the game itself. Find out more about Discord and what it can do at the Discord Blog.