Player’s Guide

Getting around LibraryCraft

The Lobbies

LibraryCraft is made up of three servers, all linked together – Survival, Creative & Minigames. Each server has it’s own Lobby world.

Survival Server
– Survival Lobby (also the main lobby for the server – contains the Warp Ship)
– 1.18 Survival
– 1.19 Survival

Creative Server
– Creative Lobby
– Flat Creative
– Project Worlds
– Monthly Competitions
– Workshop Worlds

Minigames Server
– Minigames Lobby
– BedWars
– TNT Run


The Warp Ship

Command: /gwarp WarpShip
The Warp Ship is only one of the ways to get around the server. The Warp Ship contains gates to the two Survival worlds, the Minigames Lobby, the Creative Lobby. A list of the current server staff is also available on the Ship.



Gwarps are the way to get to the major areas of the whole Network from wherever you are (global warps). There are five shortcuts:
– 119Spawn (1.19 Survival Spawn Cave)
– CreativeLobby
– MinigamesLobby
– Spawn (where the rules and commands are)
– WarpShip

To use these, type /gwarp in chat and the list of five will populate.



Pwarps allow players to set up to 20 custom private warps across any world in the Network.

NOTE: For pre Network players, you will need to move all of your /homes into /pwarps. This is critical and should be done as a priority.

  1. Head to a location you’d like to save as a pwarp.
  2. Once there, enter /pwarps. A user interface will pop up.
  3. To create a new pwarp where you are standing, click the Nether Star.
  4. Enter a name and select the nametag on the right hand side. Done!

Once a pwarp is created, there’s a lot you can do with it. By default, a pwarp will use the player’s head. This (and lots of other things) can be changed by right clicking the pwarp.

The pwarps editor is split into four sections, visible in the top row – Appearance, Options, Trusted members, and Classes.

Item: This will change the icon for the pwarp to whatever you are holding in your hand.
Name: An easy way to change the name without changing the location
Description: Not working as well as it should – leave this one alone for now.
Teleport message: Leave a welcome message in chat when someone uses the warp.

Status: Can be set to either Private (only you have access) or Public (everyone has access – see below).
Target position: Stand in a new location and click this to change the location of the pwarp.

Trusted Members
Specific players can be allowed to use your pwarp if you let them. Click the Nether Star and add their username. They must be online to do this.

Only applicable to Public pwarps, this allows users to select whether their pwarp is a Shop, a Home (their base) or a public Farm. These are filters.

Filters are available by clicking the compass on the right hand side of the interface.
Classes will appear first. Click on the filter you want, then click on the blue box (where the compass was). This will run the search. Any public pwarps with the matching class will appear. Players are able to set their shops, bases and farms as public warps.
– The next filter will be public pwarps sorted by the player that created them.
– The final filter is all pwarps. This shouldn’t be used as it’s very confusing.


The Tab List

The tab list is an easy way to see who is on each server, and if they’re /afk.


News & Announcements


Each server has email, accessible by using /mail read. You need to be aware of what server you’re in when you enter /mail read. Each server is separate, so you have three inboxes. As Survival is considered the primary server, most mail should be used there, but keep an eye on all three, just in case.

Server staff will send Network wide emails to players with important information. When you join a server, a message will appear in chat if you have unread mail messages.


Survival Claims

You are able to protect your builds on Survival worlds with claims. When you log in to the Survival server for the first time, you’ll be given a book. This book will be a link to a YouTube video explaining it.

You are able to give other players different levels of access to your claims. A list of commands is available on the Survival Lobby. Just follow the path from the Rules board.


Shops & Trading

There are two crucial parts to LibraryCraft’s shops and trading setup, and they work together.


Shops use Shopkeepers – custom villagers that trade your items for your prices. Buy a Shopkeeper egg from the villager at 119Spawn for a diamond block. You are limited to ONE shopkeeper per player, so don’t buy more than one egg. No refunds will be given for extra eggs bought.

Instructions will appear in chat when the Shopkeeper egg is held. Each shop has a maximum of 90 different trades. There are three types of shops:
– Selling (items for diamonds)
– Buying (diamonds for items you want)
– Trading (items for items OR diamonds).

As you can only have one shop, the best option is Trading as it can be a combination of all three shop types.

Once placed, shops cannot be moved or shop types changed, so be careful. If you mess it up, you’ll have to buy a new egg and start again.


Player Shops

Players are allowed one (1) shop at their base to sell items. Make it look good! Make use of the /pwarps classes and public setting to get people to your shops. They’ll appear in the list!


Competition & Flat Creative Plots

Both located on the Creative Server, Monthly Competition plots & Flat Creative plots are free! There’s no cost to the plots, but you are limited to one only – just right click an available sign to buy it. It’s also much easier now to clear your plot, using the Reset option in /arm gui. Select your plot and reset it, and it’ll wipe it back to a clean grass slate.


Custom Server Resource Pack Download

LibraryCraft uses a custom resource pack for the custom trophies and medals used in the server. The resource pack also now includes new Christmas hats! If you are finding the connection isn’t as good, download the pack from here, add it to your game and set Server Resource Packs in the listing for LC in your Multiplayer screen to Disabled.