LibraryCraft Back Online!

Crisis averted! We’re back online. Thanks for your patience. Unfortunately our server hosts have experienced a massive worldwide outage, so for now, LibraryCraft is offline. It’s just a matter of waiting…sorry! When it’s back an update will be posted here.

The LibraryCraft Player’s Guide

Due to the amount of changes in LibraryCraft, we’ve created the LibraryCraft Player’s Guide! It’s available from a link at the top of the site, and contains plenty of information about the different aspects of the server. If you think of something that should be included, get in touch with the team!

Skyblock is Back!

That’s right – Skyblock is back! We’re using a different plugin now – IridiumSkyblock, and it seems to work well, with a few tweaks here and there. We’re using a separate plugin to manage the missions, called Quests. It means we can set custom quests for the minigame (and incorporate it into Survival if we …

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