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LCL 2022 Match Schedule

Round 16 Matches:

Friday 12th August – Sunday 14th August
BW – Castle
Danger_Doggo212 vs vinemon
FrillyMelon_ vs Dragon_Gal
xCqsmos vs LordSquid__
Grey_Wolf_H4X0R vs _boonana
Jish_Le_Fish vs lwkq
Slimecraft47 vs EJ_W
CountDoDo vs Superheroflash
Quipp vs Albuman
BurgerAddict vs qetzi
Blossomfallen vs crazycollie
TYP3D vs _pluto_9

General Information

Like the AFL, it’s a round robin style tournament that will be on for a number of weeks. Each registered player gets the opportunity to verse each other player in the competition, but there’s a difference. This isn’t just one minigame, it’s three – BedWars, PVP and TNT Run. Each week will be on a different map.

Matches are played each week, but strictly between Friday afternoons and Sunday nights – no matches during the week! This is so it’s fair to everyone that can’t play during the week. You won’t be able to verse every person on every map, as it’d take forever – if we get 16 players registered, it’ll be a 16 week competition, plus more for a finals series if players are interested. Like with our other tournaments, it’s up to each player to sort out their matches. Matches will be available on the LC League Island (image above) in the Minigames Lobby at the start of each week.

If matches are not played between Friday afternoons and Sunday nights, they cannot be delayed to the following week or weekend. The player that puts the least amount of effort in to scheduling a match will be forfeited.

Points & Scoring

Each match you play earns you points, regardless of if you win or not!

Win: 2 points
Lose: 1 point
Forfeit: 0 points

You need to actually play to get a point! The opponent of the forfeited player will get an automatic 2 points.


Up for grabs are some diamond blocks and mega crate keys for the top three at the end of the series, and the top two (winner and runner-up) would get an exclusive rank on the server itself for the following year – League Champion, and League Runner-Up.


To register for the coming 2022 season, send JohnsanGeezo a mail in game. Registration is free, but you need to be available to play each weekend in order to complete your matches and get those points. Registrations close Friday 22 April at 9pm. No registrations will be taken once the competition has started. Competition will start the following week!