Changes in the LibraryCraft Network

LibraryCraft is now the LibraryCraft Network (or the LCN) – we’ve moved over to a multi-server setup! Each gamemode has it’s own server. There’s a bunch of things that have changed. Read on! It’s important.

Survival Server
– Survival Lobby (the old LibraryCraft Lobby with a few changes)
– 1.15 Survival (previously OldSurvival)
– 1.17 Survival (previously NewSurvival)

Creative Server
– Creative Lobby
– Flat Creative
– Project Worlds
– Monthly Competitions
– Workshop Worlds
– Pairs Creative Competition

Minigames Server
– Minigames Lobby (still working on it!)
– BedWars
– TNT Run

It means we’re able to handle the pressure of loads of players much better now, and do some really cool new stuff.

There’s a number of differences with this set up. Read on!


Warps are a thing of the past – now we use /gwarp! These are limited to five only:
– 117Spawn (NewSurvival Spawn Island)
– CreativeLobby
– MinigamesLobby
– Spawn (where the rules and commands are)
– WarpShip

To use these, type /gwarp in chat and the list of five will populate.

These will be enough to get you around the LCN. Everything else will rely on portals and Pwarps!


Pwarps are the fantastic replacement for /home and /sethome. For now, /home will still work, to get you to your old bases. This will be removed in about a month’s time. /sethome has been disabled. Each player now has 20 pwarps. These can be used all over the LCN.

You will need to move all of your /homes into /pwarps. This is critical and should be done as a priority. The system is much more user friendly and allows us to do a lot more!

  1. Head to a home using /home.
  2. Once there, enter /pwarps. A user interface will pop up.
  3. To create a new pwarp where you are standing, click the Nether Star.
  4. Enter a name and select the nametag on the right hand side. Done!

Once a pwarp is created, there’s a lot you can do with it. By default, a pwarp will use the player’s head. This (and lots of other things) can be changed by right clicking the pwarp.

The pwarps editor is split into four sections, visible in the top row – Appearance, Options, Trusted members, and Classes.

Item: This will change the icon for the pwarp to whatever you are holding in your hand.
Name: An easy way to change the name without changing the location
Description: Not working as well as it should – leave this one alone for now.
Teleport message: Leave a welcome message in chat when someone uses the warp.

Status: Can be set to either Private (only you have access) or Public (everyone has access – see below).
Target position: Stand in a new location and click this to change the location of the pwarp.

Trusted Members
Specific players can be allowed to use your pwarp if you let them. Click the Nether Star and add their username. They must be online to do this.

Only applicable to Public pwarps, this allows users to select whether their pwarp is a Shop, a Home (their base) or a public Farm. These are filters.

Filters are available by clicking the compass on the right hand side of the interface.
Classes will appear first. Click on the filter you want, then click on the blue box (where the compass was). This will run the search. Any public pwarps with the matching class will appear. Players are able to set their shops, bases and farms as public warps.
– The next filter will be public pwarps sorted by the player that created them.
– The final filter is all pwarps. This shouldn’t be used as it’s very confusing.

A video will be created soon to explain these.

The Tab List

The tab list has had a bit of an overhaul too, with each server having it’s own list.


Mail is still a thing, but there’s a big difference. You need to be aware of what server you’re in when you enter /mail read. Each server is separate, so you now have three inboxes. As Survival is considered the primary server, most mail should be used there, but keep an eye on all three, just in case.

The News Book

Just like mail, /news is also still around, but its only going to be on Survival. Make sure you read them when they pop up! When something is new, it will automatically appear.

Flat Creative

Located on the Creative Server, Flat Creative has been completely reset and now uses the same system as Competition Plots and Trade Hall plots. There’s no cost to the plots, but you are limited to one only – just right click an available sign to buy it. It’s also much easier now to clear your plot, using the Reset option in /arm gui. Select your plot and reset it, and it’ll wipe it back to a clean grass slate.


The ever-popular /back command is now going to behave a bit differently. It will only work in each server. You can’t go back to a different server.

I think that’s it! There’s a lot of changes and more documentation and videos will come soon. Please be patient with everyone as we get used to the new setup, but I’m really excited it’s here. Onwards and upwards! Get in touch with the team if you have any questions, either in game or on Discord.