Meet the Players – aexci

Here’s another of our players – aexci (also known as B4C0N). If you’re a LC player and want to do one, get in contact with John on the LC Discord.

How long have you been playing Minecraft?

The first time I played Minecraft was around 6-7 years ago, when my friend had MCPE on his iPad and whenever I went to his house, we’d go on this world where we had an underwater base, and an island with a big fortress! I got MC Bedrock around 4 years ago and I only got MC Java in 2020.

What made you start playing Minecraft?

I started getting into Minecraft through watching big youtubers play it, such as Stampy, PopularMMOS, and DanTDM. It looked really fun to play and I’d always go play with my friend together.

What type of Minecraft player are you?

We’ll use the following list – based off Mumbo Jumbo’s video – 20 Different Types of Minecraft Player, with a couple of modifications.

  • The Gadget Guy (loves making little redstone contraptions around their base to make life easier)
  • The Resource Hoarder (everything gets stored in piles and piles of chests, even if they don’t need them)
  • The Monument Builder (they always have to have the biggest build on the server)
  • The Autofarmer (farms have to have pistons, daylight detectors, the works)
  • The Explorer (no set base, everything they have is in their inventory. They just walk)
  • The Subterranean Hermits (their entire base must be underground)
  • The Artist (all the pixel art!)
  • The Competitors (minigames is their jam – PvP, Spleef, Parkour, all that)
  • The Code Wizards (whether it’s command blocks or crazy complex redstone)
  • The Mod Fans (Vanilla Minecraft? Nah – bring on the mods and plugins)
  • The Medieval Builders (villages, ships, the lot)
  • The Modern Architect (modern houses, modern resource packs, lots of concrete)
  • The Challenge Fan (Skyblock, Survival SuperFlat, Hardcore Mode – bring on the challenges)
  • The Long Gamers (using the same world since 1.8 or before – such dedication)
  • The Minimalist (a simple house and a few farms will do fine)

I’d say I’m sort of a Gadget Guy – my base is filled with all sorts of contraptions such as 6×6 flying doors to auto-brewers. I’m also sort of a Competitor as I like playing minigames such as BedWars and PVP.

Do you start a world the same way every time, or mix it up?

When I start a survival world, I usually start it around the same way. Getting wood, stone tools, full iron, building a house, and then continuing whatever I feel like doing. Although, I don’t really play a lot of single-player survival, I’d rather play on servers with friends.

What’s your favourite ever build you’ve created?

My favourite build would probably be my build in the January Building Competition. I just liked how I pulled it off and it turned out pretty nice. It was my first time building a decent custom tree.

How many times have you beaten the EnderDragon?

I don’t know how much times I beat the EnderDragon but I’d say close to around 10 times? Most of them come from resurrecting it in LibraryCraft.

What does your LC base look like? What are some of it’s features?

My LibraryCraft base (in NewSurvival) was a huge circle in a Tundra Biome. It has an underground area in the centre for my chest area. I haven’t finished the top area which was probably gonna be where my furnaces and other necessities were going to be.

What’s your favourite block?

My favourite block would probably be the honey block. I mean, if you make a wall of honey blocks, you can basically slide down it! Also the fact that it can pull blocks with it but doesn’t get affected by slime blocks is pretty epic.

How about your favourite mob?

My favourite mob would probably be the slime, it’s a cool mob that can only spawn in selected chunks and has some unique mechanics. The baby slime can be a cool pet to have since they don’t do any damage to you.

What’s your favourite thing to do in LibraryCraft?

My favourite thing to do on LibraryCraft would probably be playing Bedwars with people. It’s just fun to go against your friends and other people in the community. I’d also say that build competitions do come to a very close second. It’s fun with the themes and seeing everyone’s build at the end of the month.