The Return of the Treasure Hunt!

This school holidays we’ve added a twist to the LC Treasure Hunt.

Find yourself a buddy because this round is partnered!

We thought what better opportunity to get everyone involved and have a server-wide competition that everyone can get involved in. It’s also a brand new hunt created by Kisney! All you seasoned players (you know who you are) – introduce yourself to a newbie and make a team. Want to name your team? Sure, go for it! You know we love to see you get creative…


On completion, each team member will receive:

  • A custom pirate hat
  • 2 Diamond Blocks, and
  • 2 Mega Crate Keys

Rules of Entry:

  • Team Registration must be sent in advance to JohnsanGeezo via in game mail.
  • Teams must consist of 1 seasoned player and 1 newbie. No exceptions.
  • Starting point is at Treasure Island on the Survival Spawn World where you’ll find all the extra info.
  • The Hunt will be available for the entirety of Term 4 and the Christmas School Holidays, so registrations can happen any time during this time.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Registrations for the Treasure Hunt commence Monday 3 October, with the competition kicking off during Term 4.
  2. Players will need to submit a written book with all clue locations and code words for each clue to JohnsanGeezo’s mailbox at his 119 Base (public pwarp available).
  3. All clues must be done by BOTH members of the team.
  4. Some clues may require you to use the internet.
  5. Seasoned Players‘ are defined as ‘players that joined LibraryCraft BEFORE the 1.18 server upgrade.
  6. Newbie Players‘ are defined as ‘players that have joined LibraryCraft AFTER the 1.18 server upgrade.
  7. If you are having trouble creating a team, submit a ticket in Discord and the Mods will help.
  8. As the competition relies on a team effort, screenshots may be requested by the Mods to ensure a fair distribution of team work, so make sure you take them!
  9. Teams can ask for a Discord channel to discuss all aspects of their competition with each other. If you do not have Discord we recommend downloading it prior to the commencement of the competition. The invite link is available in the server using /discord.
  10. All information about the competition will be available via the website, the sign at Treasure Hunt gate, in Discord and across the server.
  11. Read all instructions about teams, registration and competition rules carefully.

October’s Player of the Month is…

It’s time to announce the Player of the Month for October! Thanks to everyone who nominated someone. Like last month we’ll go through all the nominations (not saying who the nominator was) and then announce the winner. Some you’ll be able to guess, but others are a mystery, which is great!

ToastTheFroggy__ (Frillymelon_)

  • When I first joined survival I didn’t know where to go, and they guided me to a forest which was really helpful! Also they were kinda my first friend I met here 😀


  • Amazing to new players and really nice
  • They are such a great person I think they really deserve this nomination and they should keep doing what they do because it is good.


  • Comet is a lovely person to be around, they are so creative and nice. They always play bed wars with me and always stands up for me. Comet is amazing and I think they should def be POTM

And the winner is ToastTheFroggy_! Congratulations, and well done to everyone nominated! It’s been such a pleasure reading all the nominations. Toast (Frilly) will get a special rank in the server for a month, with [POTM] visible after his username, a POTM role in Discord, and two Mega Crate keys to spend in 119Survival!

Nominations are now open for next month!

November Build Competition with the WA Maritime Museum!

We’ve just announced the October Halloween competition, but we want to get everyone excited for what is coming next.

In November we’re teaming up with the WA Maritime Museum again! They’ve given us a specific challenge – build an entry statement to the Fremantle Harbour. Just like the Statue of Liberty is the entry statement to New York, we want to see what you can come up with for Freo! What should be there to welcome people to Fremantle?

The WA Maritime Museum are celebrating a new exhibition about Fremantle called Fremantle Then & Now: Historical Panoramas.

We’ve got some 50×50 water plots ready to go! Also, the winning builds will be put on show on a big screen in the WA Maritime Museum during the January Holidays.

Note: In order to be eligible for the prizes provided by WAMM, you’ll need to register at this link as well!


  • All building is in Creative Mode
  • Builders must use ONE plot only
  • All building must be done on the November Comp Map
  • Designs must be your own
  • Single player entries only – no team builds

Judging will happen during the first week of December. The WA Maritime Museum staff will be judging the entries as well, with each WAMM vote counting for two moderator votes.

As per normal, the November Comp world gate will replace the October gate which will close to building at 9pm on Monday October 31st.

The gate will open on the morning of November 1st!


The top three designs will win an extra special prize, just for November, thanks to the WA Maritime Museum. Regular Emerald Points prizes will be given out as usual.

1st Place: DJI Ryze Tello Toy Drone
2nd Place: Olympus 8×21 RC II Waterproof Blue Binocular
3rd Place: 25x Brass Monocular Spyglass

These are some amazing prizes, so we’re looking forward to seeing the builds. In the mean time, get ready for October and Halloween!

October Creative Competition – Halloween

We’re a few days in to 1.19.2 and a few days away from a new month! We’re going an October classic – Halloween.

This one should be good!

The October Comp world gate – located in the Creative Lobby – will replace the September gate which will close to building at 9pm on Friday September 30th.

The gate will open in the Creative Lobby on the morning of October 1st, so get planning! Just as a reminder, here are the major prizes for this season!

Season 2 Prizes

As you know, each month we give away the following prizes:

  • 1st Prize: 4x diamond blocks, 1x mega crate key & 15 Emerald Points
  • 2nd Prize: 3x diamond blocks, 1x mega crate key & 10 Emerald Points
  • 3rd Prize: 2x diamond blocks, 1x mega crate key & 5 Emerald Points

Each month the Emerald Points are tallied up and can be seen in the Emerald Hall on the Survival Lobby world. At the halfway point of the season (September for Season 2 and March for Season 1) we give away prizes to the current top three Emerald Points winners:

  • 1st Place: 1x $25 JB HiFi Voucher
  • 2nd Place: 1x $10 JB HiFi Voucher
  • 3rd Place: 1x $10 JB HiFi Voucher

At the end of the season (June and December), the grand prizes are awarded to the final top three Emerald Points winners from across the 6 months of competition. These are the big ones! This season we’re giving away:

  • 1st Prize: $350 worth of LEGO! The winner would let us know what to order (dependent on availability of course), up to $350 and we’ll get it delivered to you. This was a highly requested prize last year, so we’re thrilled to be able to offer it.
  • 2nd Prize: $100 JB HiFi Voucher
  • 3rd Prize: $50 JB HiFi Voucher

Exciting times!

LibraryCraft is heading to Dino Lab!

We’re heading back to the WA Museum on Sunday October 16th to take part in Dino Lab!

The WA Museum is celebrating all things Dinosaurs – there’s plenty of awesome dino related stuff to get stuck into:

  • Make your own amber fossil
  • Make a dino comic
  • competitions
  • live raptors from the WA Birds of Prey Centre
  • Virtual Reality & Gaming
  • plus LibraryCraft and more!

We’ll be around with a special Dino Lab World for players to come in and build their best dinosaur skeleton, or dinosaur related build. It should be a lot of fun! Come along, check out the event – it’s completely free!

LibraryCraft is now on 1.19.2!

That’s right! The 1.19.2 Update is all done. The world has been preloaded and we’re good to go.

There are still a couple of things we’re waiting on, and there’s bound to be a few little issues here and there, so please be patient with us as we sort out the teething problems. If you see something is not quite right, please tell us! 

You can report issues either in Discord with a ticket, or sending JohnsanGeezo an in game mail.

A couple of things to note:

  • The Survival Lobby now has it’s own isolated inventory.
  • 1.18Survival and 1.19Survival have separate inventories. No items will be carried over.
  • We’re still waiting on a couple of plugins to be updated, so for now you won’t get access to custom heads or be able to see the NPCs at Spawn or in the Emerald Hall.
  • You’ll be able to use /tpr on the new world to teleport to a random location on the map. It’s a different plugin so should be more reliable.
  • The End is inaccessible for now, to allow people to take their time and get settled. We’re trying not to encourage speedruns this time around, after some feedback we received!

Lastly, a huge thanks to our amazing build team for the stunning Ancient Roman Spawn Island! Massive shout outs to CountDoDo for the design and layout, and Kisney, crazycollie and JohnsanGeezo for getting it built with Count!

We’re updating!

The LibraryCraft servers will be down for updating and maintenance for the next few days. This is so we can all get stuck into 1.19.2! Please be patient with us, and make sure you read the messages here, on Discord and on the server listing in Minecraft. They’ll be up to date with where we’re at.

In the mean time, take a look at the stunning new 1.19Survival Spawn that’s ready to be uploaded! We’re going with an Ancient Roman style look, thanks to one of our builders – CountDoDo! Thanks also to crazycollie, Kisney and JohnsanGeezo for building the map with Count. We can’t wait for you to explore it!

We’re updating to 1.19.2!

That’s right – it’s time! Thank you all for waiting so patiently. We know it’s been tough! The plugins are pretty much good to go – fingers crossed we don’t have any hiccups, but we’ve waited long enough. One plugin still isn’t ready yet, and that’s CustomHeads, but it’s a cosmetic one, so we can do without it for now. All things going well, 1.19.2 is coming to LibraryCraft next week, just in time for the school holidays! Things will change, new things will come, but it will be amazing. Here’s what you need to know. Make sure you read this whole post!

What will change?

A few things…

  • Survival Worlds:
    • 1.17Survival will be removed and (hopefully) available for download some time in the near future. While 1.17Survival was a popular map, since 1.18Survival it’s hardly been used, and it needs to go to make room for…
    • 1.19Survival! A brand new world (and new inventory) with the new Ancient Cities, with a fresh and incredible looking spawn area. Check out the image above for a sneak peek! We’re going with a Ancient Rome style Spawn Island, thanks to the hard work of CountDoDo and a few of the Builder & Mod team.
    • The current 1.18Survival will still be accessible, with it’s inventory, but the 1.19Survival world will have a separate inventory. There’s no link to them at all. No transferring items.
    • The 1.17Survival gate on the Warp Ship will become the gate for 1.18Survival, and 1.19Survival will be opposite it. We’ll give it a bit of a facelift, so you’ll know which one is which when you walk through the gate…
  • Plugin tweaks:
    • 1.19Survival won’t appear in Dynmap for a few weeks, to encourage natural exploration.
  • Server/Gameplay changes
    • The map will most likely be a 5000×5000 map.
    • Public Nether and End gates will not appear in the spawn area until after someone has made it there with regular gameplay. The End will be larger – most likely 10k X 10k.
    • The /gwarp 118Spawn will be removed and replaced with 119Spawn. If you want to get to 1.18Survival, you’ll need to use the Warp Ship Gate.
    • The Trade Island will be coming back in 1.19Survival! We found it harder to find shops, so there’ll be a main island somewhere that they can all be located together. This may not be set up from the start, depending on how much time John has!
    • Any claims in 1.17Survival will be deleted and claims blocks returned to the player that owned it, so you should have some spare for the new world. If you run out again, you’ll need to remove some old claims from 1.18Survival.
      • As was the rule before, you are NOT allowed to claim areas of land simply to reserve resources. Claims should be for builds only. If claims are found with no building on them, they will be removed by moderators.
      • Players are also not allowed to claim villages. Villages are for everyone to enjoy. If you want the villagers, take them, but do not claim the whole village, or even a part of it. There are only so many of them! This is also the case for Ancient Cities.

So when will it happen?

All things going well, John will begin the update process on Monday 19th September. That’s this coming Monday! During this time the whitelist will be reset so only John and select staff can access it. This is so the servers can be updated, the new world installed and the world (plus Nether and End) preloaded to stop lag. We’ll run some tests, make a few final tweaks to the new spawn area and then open it up. If you find yourself unwhitelisted, don’t panic! Just be patient. The process could take a couple of days – we’re just not sure. The server’s MOTD (the little message that appears on your server list screen) will be updated to reflect what’s going on.

That’s it! If you have questions, get in touch with us on the LibraryCraft Discord or with an email. Bring on 1.19 and the Warden!

Halloween Hats for Sale!

That’s right, we’ve got six custom Halloween Hats for sale in the server – only 3 diamonds each!

From left to right:

  • The Oversized Top Hat
  • The Pumpkin Antennae
  • The Witch’s Hat
  • The Trick Arrow
  • The Horns
  • The Pumpkin (it fits better on a regular sized head – the Villager heads are too tall!)

These are only available in 1.18 Survival. We’ll also make them available in 1.19 Survival when we update. The shop is located at 1.18Survival Spawn. It’s a big glowing pumpkin – you can’t miss it!

In order to see them you’ll need to download the new server resource pack, available at the bottom of the Player’s Guide. Alternatively if you set your LibraryCraft listing on the Multiplayer Edit screen to be Resource Packs – Enabled, it will download it for you, but you may feel a performance drop, depending on your PC’s capability.

Never used a resource pack before? That’s ok! Once it’s downloaded, in Minecraft select Options from the main menu, then Resource Packs. Make sure you do not unzip the file. It needs to stay zipped. To locate the correct folder to put it in, click Open Pack Folder (at the bottom) and drop the resource pack .zip file in. It will appear in the Available column. Select it and then click the > Arrow to move it over to the Selected column, then click Done. It will load it so the models are visible.

August Glass Required Competition Results

It’s time to announce the winners for August’s Glass Required competition, a special theme just for National Science Week 2022! The requirement for this month was to build something that required glass to function.

1st Place: toothless_spy

Something suited to Christmas as well as this one, toothless has gone with a beautiful snow globe, complete with an elf workshop underneath! With this win, toothless locks in his third competition win!

First and second place this month was actually a tie for points, with toothless only just scraping in with one extra vote received. A close one!

2nd Place: ScrpMtlAlchemist

With a first time on the podium, Scrap has gone with a glass prism throwing out a rainbow. This was really clever and it looks great as well. Well done Scrap!

3rd Place: GalaxyOcean

3rd Place this month goes to GalaxyOcean with a very clever ship in a bottle! This was one I didn’t think of, but it’s well suited to the theme.

Honourable Mentions

We have three honourable mention this round, with players scoring some votes, but not enough to make the podium finish. They get a diamond block!


This one is a kaleidoscope – brilliant!



Well done to all our entries! Prizes will be delivered very soon.

Don’t forget there’s the veto option each month if you don’t like the theme idea. This can only be played once per season, so choose wisely!