Introducing the LCBBS!

The what? It’s the LibraryCraft Big Base Swap! To mix things up and see what can happen, we’re running an opt-in Big Base Swap. Players will be assigned a different existing base on NewSurvival to modify!

To be a part of the fun, simply place a named book into the chest that’s in the Old Auction House (now the LCBBS Building) at NewSurvival Spawn Island. The book must also include the coordinates of your base.

Here are some always-important rules:

  1. You are not being forced to do this! It’s only if you want to.
  2. No clearing out items from chests before you leave. You can only take tools, armour, netherite ingots elytra and rockets. Everything else must stay behind. Everything.
  3. If you have multiple bases, you must give up your best NewSurvival base.
  4. No destruction for destruction’s sake. Feel free to talk to the original owner to see the direction they wanted to take, but it’s also up to you if you want to do something different. Remember though – you are modifying bases, not completely rebuilding. No tearing down what’s there already.
  5. No swapping back straight away! You must have the new base for at least 1 month before asking to swap back. You can of course stay swapped for longer. Remember, be nice to each other.
  6. The draw will be chosen by John.
  7. Mods will be allowed to participate! You might get a mod’s base…
  8. Whatever you do not use during the swap must stay at the base! No blatant robbery.

The LCBBS is now open for entrants! Registrations will close at 9pm on Thursday 15th April. Your new base name (and location) will be in your mail the following morning. The deed to your new property (the book) will be in a chest at that base. Don’t lose it! You’ll need to swap them over again at the end.

March Caves Competition – Results

March is all done – time for the results! Most of the building happened underground this month, so pictures are a little trickier, but there’s at least one underground image for each of the winners. It also marks the mid-season point for the competition, so some prizes are up for grabs for the top three at the moment.

Here’s the top three, and some honourable mentions.

1st Place: CrazyCollie1205

Collie gets win number two with a highly detailed exterior and interior build for March – I particularly love the crane outside. Inside is a very nicely decorated bunker, complete with tropical fish! The shower block is great, even if it’s not all that private!

2nd Place: Countdodododo

Count is back in the top three with an innovative exterior design. The road and powerlines are great, and I love the overturned truck! Inside there’s story galore, with almost every character having a sign for speech. Count, you’re a brilliant storyteller!

3rd Place: B4C0N__

Fresh after a slight username tweak, Bacon has built a smoking underground bunker in what seems to be a dead forest. I particularly like the large pipes leading into the textured green lake. Inside there’s iron blocks galore (which looks great with my textures), and a very clinical and orderly build, with much more below.

Honourable Mentions

Three other builders also scored votes but didn’t quite get across the line.




Lastly, there’s the Mid Season winners! Here’s how the leaderboard looks after March:

  • Countdodododo – 35 pts
  • CrazyCollie1205 – 20 pts
  • B4C0N- 15 pts
  • JtripleM- 15 pts
  • Kursed7280084 – 5 pts

To split up the two third places, we go by the number of votes gathered since the start of the season. So that’s 10 votes for JtripleM and 18 for B4C0N! The winners are Count, Collie and B4C0N. Woo! Count, you get a $25 JB HiFi Voucher, with Collie and B4C0N getting a $10 one each.

Congratulations to all our winners and honourable mentions! I’ll send out the winnings for the top three this afternoon, and will reach out to the mid-season winners on Discord to arrange collection.

A New Minigame and a Big Treasure Hunt!

It’s been a big few days in LibraryCraft! Unfortunately it’s been a while since we’ve been able to play a game of Spleef, as an update caused a few issues that we couldn’t work out. This week it was removed from the server, and in it’s place we’ve got something new, and kind of similar. By popular demand, the newest minigame to LibraryCraft is TNT Run!

Similar to Spleef, the match is played on a series of tiered platforms – a gravity impacted block (blocks that fall like sand, gravel and concrete powder) above a layer of TNT.

When players run around, blocks will disappear behind the player – be careful running around! Go through the final layer and you’re out. There’s also a the option to purchase extra combat options like weapons and potions to help knock your opponents off. These also come from your existing balance, so players can get them pretty much straight away.

We’ve also got a fantastic new lobby island for TNT Run, thanks to resident builder, JTripleM!

Treasure Hunt #3

Finally, this Friday morning at 9:30am we’ll be running a big Treasure Hunt, with all of the final Apartments (all 9 of them) up for grabs! Like with the previous Hunts, it’ll take place across multiple worlds in the server. You’ll definitely need an elytra and a stash of rockets for this one. All the information you need is on the Treasure Hunt Lobby, with the gate on the Warp Ship. Bring on Friday!

Everything you need to know about the April BedWars Tournament

It’s almost time for the School Holiday BedWars Tournaments! Registrations are now open for the April School Holiday Tournament. Read on for all the info!

All matches (including the Grand Finals) will be a double elimination knockout. You must lose twice in order to be out of the competition. If you lose once, you can still come back and win the whole thing. All matches will be played on the Forest Map, and there will be no grace periods – the match will play as default.

This time we are running a single tournament over the course of a week:

Solos: 12th to 18th April

Registrations close on Thursday April 8th, and the brackets will be created and available on Friday April 9th.

It is up to the players to schedule their matches during the week, and report back to JohnsanGeezo, preferably through Discord in #tournaments, or using in-game mail if you do not have Discord access.

Something that is crucial at this time of year – talk to your parents about your availabilities during the week. It’s the Easter school holidays. If you have something on, you need to find out so you are aware. You need to be available to play, or it inconveniences the rest of the players, and the organisers.


If you cannot make your match during the allocated dates, you will forfeit the match. Report it as soon as you know. Don’t leave it until the last minute! It’s a lot of work to organise tournaments, and last minute forfeits can be annoying.

Once a new match has been confirmed and the players have been tagged/messaged in game/Discord, you have 24 hours to PLAY the match, or it will be deemed a forfeit. The player that is causing the delay will be the player that forfeits. If this can’t be determined, it will be a 50/50 decision by the Mod Team.


What should I report to John?
1. Report if you are unable to schedule a match during the allocated week.
2. Both players must report the results after the match, in either Discord (#tournaments) or using in-game mail.

John will then update the bracket, so the next match can be scheduled.

Can I report to LightKLibrary?
Nope, to lighten the load on us, we’re taking it in turns. This time it’s John’s turn to run the tournament.

Are you sure we can’t delay the matches we can’t play to a different week?
Yes. You must complete your matches in the tournament week. This is so results and prizes can be finalised in a timely fashion, and stops a lot of confusion.

Can we use a different map, like Arena or Winter?
No, all matches must be played on Forest, so it’s fair for everyone.

Can we have longer grace periods before PvP starts?
No, the default game settings must be used. All matches must be played fair and according to the rules. If exploits or cheats are seen to be used, the player using them will instantly forfeit the match, and the player will be placed in jail according to server rules.

Can another player (registered or not registered) play instead?
Yes! This time around we’re having a substitutes list. The first 16 players to register will be in the tournament proper. Any registrations before the close date will go on the Substitutes list. Any late registrations (between the close date and tournament start) will also be on the Substitutes list.

You MUST be available to play during that week at short notice if you are a substitute.

Ok, what are the brackets?
They’re not made yet – you need to register first!

Good luck!

April Build Competition – Wild West

Put on your cowboy hats – we’re going to the Wild West for April!

In another stunning example of the skill of our resident builder, JtripleM, this world has a bunch of great builds for you to explore!

There’s no backstory with this one, but it should be a fun one nonetheless. As always, here’s the rules.


  • All building must be in Creative Mode
  • This is a Single Player Competition – Team builds are not allowed
  • Builders can claim ONE plot only
  • All entries must be built on the April Comp world
  • Designs must be your own – no copying from online!

Judging will take place during the first week of May 2021. The April Comp world gate – located on the Warp Ship – will replace the March gate which will close to building at 9pm on Wednesday March 31st.

The gate will open on the Warp Ship on the morning of April 1st (no joke).

February Free Build – Results

February has been wrapped up and it’s time for the votes! This month was a bit different, allowing players to build whatever they want in a Free Build theme. We saw a wide range of build styles…

Here’s the top three, and some honourable mentions.

1st Place: Countdodododo

He’s done it! Count gets the win with this beautiful looking Temple of the Mods. The quartz material looks stunning.

Inside there’s some murals of as many of the team as could fit. I love the hanging lanterns.

2nd Place: _B4C0N

It looks like B4C0N is a Nether fan, with the creation of a Nether globe and structure underneath. This is really unique, capturing the different biomes of the Nether.

3rd Place: Kursed7280084

Kursed went with a beautiful garden and Temple of Demeter, the Greek goddess of farming and agriculture. I loved this build – it’s so natural.

Honourable Mentions

Another four builders scored votes this month, but didn’t quite get there in terms of points scored. Plus, more new names and some familiar ones too.





Congratulations to all our winners and honourable mentions! I’ll send out the winnings in the coming week.

Hide and Seek is here!

We love seeing player ingenuity in the server, and this is a great example! Hide and Seek (even before this announcement) has been a popular past-time for players. In game rules were decided as a group and games were played regularly. Because of this, we thought we could make it official, so here it is – Hide and Seek is officially in LibraryCraft.

Head to the Warp Ship to find the Hide and Seek gate. This’ll take you to the new Hide and Seek (HAS) world, and boy has it been popular only a few days after introducing it!

The HAS lobby, pictured in the trailer above contains the rules in an information book, a live leaderboard of the top 10 players (based on match wins), and a bit more information here and there. Here’s how the game works.


The match lasts for 15 minutes, with one seeker and a maximum of 9 hiders. As hiders are found, they become seekers. Each role gets a weapon – the aim is to take each other out PVP style. Each role gets coins as they play, which can be spent on perks in game. These are also persistent – you only have to buy them once to use them in matches. Perks don’t come cheap though – you’ll have to play a bunch of matches to rack up enough to get them.


Hiders have the ability to hide as blocks – there are a few to choose from and these can be customised per arena (yes, we’ll be adding more as we go, but for now, there’s just the one arena). When moving around, they’ll look like bouncing blocks, but won’t be solid, so will appear slightly offset from the standard grid. Stop moving after a while and you’ll turn solid and ‘snap’ to the grid, so other players can walk on you. You’ll really blend in well, providing you selected the right block!

A Hider’s aim (aside from trying to blend in with the environment) is to take out the Seekers if found. If you get hit by something, you’ll make a sound like an anvil being dropped. You’ll get some weapons after a while as well, to take out the Seekers. Get killed and you’ll become a seeker yourself.

Hider Perks include costume changers and insta-solid.


Seekers start in the Seeker waiting area while Hiders go and hide, then they spawn in with some weapons. You’ve got 15 minutes to find everyone. If you don’t the Hiders win. If a Seeker is killed, you’ll spend a minute in the Seeker waiting area before respawning again in the match. It should take only a few hits to take out a Hider, but they can hit back, so be careful.

Seeker perks include the Hider compass which tells you the block to look for and a rough distance from your position, and throwable TNT.

For more information, get in game and read the book. There’s more to it than that! It’s been a lot of fun to play already and we’re looking forward to what comes next with the minigame. There’s already been some talk about submitting a project to create a new arena or two, so keep an eye out. If you’re not in game or haven’t been for a while, now’s a good time to get back into it!

March Build Competition – Cave

We are moving swiftly through 2021 – March is coming!

I’m a little excited for everyone to see this map – it’s of course because this is the first competition we’ve had that our Builder, JtripleM has been prepping with me. JtripleM has created a brilliant example build, and I’ve spent a bit of time redoing the surrounding areas of the map to fit the theme. We’re asking players to be specific with their entries this time, with Cave as our theme, but there’s a backstory.

Due to overpopulation and pollution, the overworld has been rendered uninhabitable – nuclear fallout has destroyed surface water and anything alive. Everyone is now forced to live underground in caves. Just like we did back in August with Underwater Bases, there are things you MUST include in your build.

These are:

  • an air filtration system
  • a water filtration system
  • farms and livestock (not too many)
  • living quarters
  • cave security
  • work / school / leisure spaces

Have a think about what you’d want in a cave home. Remember, you can’t go to the surface.


  • All building must be in Creative Mode
  • This is a Single Player Competition – Team builds are not allowed
  • Builders can claim ONE plot only
  • All entries must be built on the March Comp world
  • Designs must be your own – no copying from online!

Judging will take place during the first week of April 2021. The March Comp world gate – located on the Warp Ship – will replace the February gate which will close to building at 9pm on Sunday February 28th.

The gate will open on the Warp Ship on the morning of March 1st, so have a think about your cave.

Introducing the Builder Rank

Exciting news! A new facet of the Emerald Points Competition has been included, and it’s big.

We’ve seen an absolute dominance in the monthly build competitions by one of our players recently – JtripleM, and so to ensure it’s not a repeat thing every month, but also to reward JtripleM for his hard work, we’re adding something new – the Builder rank!

Here’s how it will work. If any player scores four monthly wins (1st only, not 2nd or 3rd), they will be given the brand new Builder rank, both in Discord and in the server itself. Along with a snazzy new title, this gives the player a minor role as a part of the server team, plus a few other things:

  • Builders will be asked to create amazing new features in the server for players to explore.
  • They’ll be given limited (but still awesome) WorldEdit access in Creative worlds, with a 100,000 block change limit per change.
  • They’ll also be a regular judge in the monthly competitions, submitting their top three votes along side the moderators.

Obviously it means Builders wouldn’t be eligible to enter the Monthly Competitions any more, but you can still enjoy J’s monthly creations, as he’ll be invited to build the example build each month, right next to the spawn gate.

Also, builders will not have WorldEdit access on Survival worlds. There’s obviously still a few things to tweak and look into, but it should be really exciting! Congratulations to JtripleM, our first Builder rank!

January Superhero/Supervillain Bases – Results

We’re already well into our second month of 2021, which means results time. We had some really exciting entries this month, showcasing your skills in building Superhero/Supervillain bases!

Here’s the top three, and some honourable mentions. What a great start to 2021!

1st Place: JtripleM

JtripleM is back at it again, with a spooky and intimidating skull rock shaped base surrounded by lava. The shaping is great, with loads of details inside – plenty to look at!

2nd Place: Countdodododo

Being a Star Wars fan, Count has recreated one of the ultimate bad guy’s lairs – Castle Vader. It’s intimidating, and there is some really clever storytelling all throughout the build, using armour stands and signs – there’s even lightsabers!

3rd Place: CrazyCollie1205

Collie has gone with a volcano mid explosion, but with some hidden details inside. When I say some, I mean heaps! There’s a rocket hidden in there. I wonder how many volcanoes actually contain evil lairs? Also, a great nod to Minecraft fan lore, with the bad guy being Herobrine.

Honourable Mentions

Another four builders scored votes this month, but didn’t quite get there in terms of points scored. It’s great to see some new names appearing!





Congratulations to all our winners and honourable mentions! I’ll send out the winnings in the coming week. I’m really looking forward to February’s Free Build challenge! We’ve got a lot of entries!