Evaluation Survey 2022

It’s that time again! We’d love to know what you think about LibraryCraft! In order for us to make this server the best it can be, and to get some information for the 2021/22 Annual Report, we’re asking for your input.

There are two separate surveys:
– Players Survey: https://culturecounts.cc/s/2PpPcP
– Parents Survey: https://culturecounts.cc/s/4UKsVY

It’s important that we also get thoughts from the parents, as they’re a crucial part of getting onto the server to start with.

We’re also offering an incentive to give us your thoughts in the Players Survey!

Two player entries will be randomly selected to receive a $50 JB HiFi Voucher each. Entries are able to be received from now until 17 June 2022.

The information we receive is valuable to us as it can help us improve the server and the programs that happen in and around it, as well as seeing how important it is in the community.

Game Lab Build Competition Results

Thank you so much to everyone who came and had a chat to us at Game Lab at the WA Museum on Sunday! We loved chatting to every one of you, and seeing all of your builds! The votes are in for the Game Lab Build Competition we held on the day. We had 22 entries plus a handful of extra ones from some of our existing players, so it was a lot of fun to explore! The prizes are:

1st: $50 JB HiFi Voucher + 2x Diamond Blocks + 1x Mega Crate Key
2nd: $25 JB HiFi Voucher + 1x Diamond Block + 1x Mega Crate Key
3rd: $25 JB HiFi Voucher + 1x Diamond Block + 1x Mega Crate Key

The Mega Crate keys are for the crates that are at 1.18 Survival Spawn. The Mega Crate in particular has a chance of dropping some serious loot. Netherite swords, more diamonds, bottles of enchanting, and more.

The Survival rewards will only be claimable if the player is whitelisted in the server and contacts JohnsanGeezo in game.

On to the results!

1st Place: PainedLawyer482

There’s not a lot of time to build something in the competition, with only 15 minutes to get something out there, but PainedLawyer482 has created a really nice floating island, complete with some ores. Well done!

2nd Place: GamingKitty

A classic brick and oak stair house, with some nice planter boxes out the front for Kitty!

3rd Place: KolyaGG

From the surface, Kolya’s build isn’t much, but head down in to the vault and there’s more to see.

That’s it! Thanks very much to everyone who entered, and has joined the server already! We’ll be reaching out to the winners to sort out prizes later today.

April Time Travel Competition Results

Another month done! It’s time to announce the winners for April’s Time Travel competition.

1st Place: CountDoDo

True to form, CountDoDo has opted for an incredible D-Day landing scene. It’s a beauty! It was exciting to see this one come together. Securing this win means that Count is now one of our official server Builders! He’ll not be able to enter the competitions any more, but will become a judge and will be helping out with builds around the server. We’ve got some exciting things we’re working on! Congrats Count!

2nd Place: toothless_spy

This month toothless decided to go for a cross section of the Great Pyramid of Giza. There was so much in it! Traps and mazes galore. This was a fun one to explore. Well done!

3rd Place: Kursed7280084

Kursed has secured a podium place again with a stunning Viking scene! I love the details inside the buildings.

Honourable Mentions

We have one honourable mention this round, with players scoring some votes, but not enough to make the podium finish. They get a diamond block!


Well done to all our entries! On to May’s treehouses! Prizes will be delivered very soon.

Spot the Differences and Win a Medal!

To celebrate the new custom models now included in LibraryCraft, we’ve come up with an activity for more people to get their hands on one – a classic Spot the Difference!

The images above are of John’s NewSurvival Farm. There are 13 differences in the 2nd image. If you get them all, you’ll score yourself a very cool looking custom medal! It’s one of a kind.

How to Enter

To allow everyone to participate fairly, we’re doing things a bit differently. You have two options!

  1. Check out the images and note down the 13 differences. If you get them ALL correct, you’ll win the medal in Survival. If you don’t get them all correct, no medal! Sorry. 🙂
  2. To submit there’s two options:
    1. Discord Users: Open a new ticket and put your answers in the ticket. Easy!
    2. Non-Discord Users: Send an email to whitelist@librarycraft.net including your MC username and your answers. Add “Spot the Difference Answers” in the Subject line. NOTE: Don’t use in game /mail! It won’t be long enough!

There’s no time limit for this one, so take your time!

LibraryCraft – now with Trophies!

When you next log in to the server, you will notice a prompt for a server resource pack. This is for our new custom trophies that have been designed and added in! It’s not a mod, it’s a remodeled and retextured carved pumpkin.

When placing these down, they need to be placed on a horizontal item frame, otherwise they’ll display as regular carved pumpkins. Without the resource pack, they’ll just appear as pumpkins, so make sure you download it. It’s tiny. Each of the three monthly winners will receive their respective trophies, and all previous 2022 monthly winners will also get theirs too.

There’s a couple of other types too: the Emerald Points Season winners, with green tassels on the side, and filled with emeralds:

And the LibraryCraft League Trophy.

This one is much bigger.

Over time this resource pack will grow to include other custom textures, so look out for the new stuff!

May Creative Competition – Treehouse

May’s Creative Competition theme is going back into the archives, revisiting a popular one – Treehouse!

This was also one of our first competitions, back in May 2020!

The May Comp world gate – located in the Creative Lobby – will replace the April gate which will close to building at 9pm on Saturday April 30th.

The gate will open in the Creative Lobby on the morning of May 1st, so get planning and designing!

New LibraryCraft Trailer!

The new promotional trailer for LibraryCraft has just gone live! Thanks to everyone that helped getting footage together, especially the big crew of players that came together for a group photo to include at the end!

Share it far and wide!

March Modern Home Competition Results

Easter is coming very soon, so it’s time to announce the winners for March’s Modern Home competition – it’s a stunning neighbourhood!

1st Place: toothless_spy

Toothless has gone 2 from 2 with another win this month, creating this lovely two storey modern home complete with a great looking garden.

2nd Place: ArchieTheIllager

By a builder also known as CountDoDo, this build goes for more of an environmentally friendly feel and looks great nestled amongst a lake. Well done Count/Archie!

3rd Place: Kursed7280084

Kursed has created a bold white multi storey complex with some really nice features inside and out. I particularly love the backyard!

Honourable Mentions

We have two honourable mention this round, with players scoring some votes, but not enough to make the podium finish. They each get a diamond block.

ILostThe5050 (B4C0N)


Well done to all our entries! On to April! Prizes will be delivered very soon.

Meet the Players – MattyBGamer_

Here’s another one! If you’re a LC player and want to do one, get in contact with John on the LC Discord.

How long have you been playing Minecraft?

I first started playing Minecraft around 2014 on my PS3.

What made you start playing Minecraft?

I once saw my brother playing it on my PS3 and I asked him what the game was. He told me that it was a game called Minecraft! I watched him play it for a bit and then I asked him if I could have a go and he pretty much taught me how to start out in the game.

What type of Minecraft player are you?

We’ll use the following list – based off Mumbo Jumbo’s video – 20 Different Types of Minecraft Player, with a couple of modifications.

  • The Gadget Guy (loves making little redstone contraptions around their base to make life easier)
  • The Resource Hoarder (everything gets stored in piles and piles of chests, even if they don’t need them)
  • The Monument Builder (they always have to have the biggest build on the server)
  • The Autofarmer (farms have to have pistons, daylight detectors, the works)
  • The Explorer (no set base, everything they have is in their inventory. They just walk)
  • The Subterranean Hermits (their entire base must be underground)
  • The Artist (all the pixel art!)
  • The Competitors (minigames is their jam – PvP, Spleef, Parkour, all that)
  • The Code Wizards (whether it’s command blocks or crazy complex redstone)
  • The Mod Fans (Vanilla Minecraft? Nah – bring on the mods and plugins)
  • The Medieval Builders (villages, ships, the lot)
  • The Modern Architect (modern houses, modern resource packs, lots of concrete)
  • The Challenge Fan (Skyblock, Survival SuperFlat, Hardcore Mode – bring on the challenges)
  • The Long Gamers (using the same world since 1.8 or before – such dedication)
  • The Minimalist (a simple house and a few farms will do fine)

I’m closest to the Minimalist in the sense that I usually don’t really do big projects in my worlds. sometimes I like to build something really nice though!

Do you start a world the same way every time, or mix it up?

Sometimes I mix it up but most of the time I start out the same way – getting some tools and resources and then building a small house and building some farms.

What’s your favourite ever build you’ve created?

My favourite thing I’ve built was a giant under ground base (which I also made with my brother and he also had a section of the underground base which was his).

How many times have you beaten the EnderDragon?

I have beaten the EnderDragon 3 times. The first time my brother helped me with beating it, the second time I did it on my own (with some tactics that my brother taught me including the explosive bed trick) and the third time I beat it was in LC with a couple other players.

What does your LC base look like? What are some of it’s features?

In NewSurvival: I have two bases in LC.

My starter base in CountDoDo’s town was mostly made out of wood. It has 4 levels – the first level is the main part of the base which has the normal items such as crafting table furnace etc. The second level is where I keep most of my stuff in chests. An example is my spare gear chest which contains bows and arrows, armour and swords. The third floor is a small lookout tower (it’s at the top of the base). The fourth floor is the underground floor where I have a lava pool covered by glass a small minecart system and a small chest room.

My other base (which is my main base) is made out of polished blackstone has a medium sized entrance and a emergency bunker on the left. Then there is the main corridor which is also made out of polished blackstone and crying obsidian which leads to a farm room, brewing room, my main room, a potion room and my old roommate’s room.

What’s your favourite block?

Obsidian takes the place of my favourite block because I love the texture and it goes so well with a lot of things.

How about your favourite mob?

My favourite mob has to be the llama. They’re just so cute!

What’s your favourite thing to do in LibraryCraft?

My favourite thing to do in LC is mining, exploring and building! (I also love slaying hostile mobs).

Introducing LibraryCraft League!

Something big and new is coming in Term 2 – the first season of LibraryCraft League! What is it I hear you say? Well read on.

Like the AFL, it’s a round robin style tournament that will be on for a number of weeks. Each registered player will get the opportunity to verse each other player in the competition, but there’s a difference. This isn’t just one minigame, it’s three – BedWars, PVP and TNT Run. Each week will be on a different map.

Matches will be played each week, but strictly between Friday afternoons and Sunday nights – no matches during the week! This is so it’s fair to everyone that can’t play during the week. You won’t be able to verse every person on every map, as it’d take forever – if we get 16 players registered, it’ll be a 16 week competition, plus more for a finals series if players are interested. Like with our other tournaments, it’s up to each player to sort out their matches. Matches will be available on the LC League Island (image above) in the Minigames Lobby at the start of each week.

If matches are not played between Friday afternoons and Sunday nights, they cannot be delayed to the following week or weekend. The player that puts the least amount of effort in to scheduling a match will be forfeited.

Points & Scoring

Each match you play earns you points, regardless of if you win or not!

Win: 2 points
Lose: 1 point
Forfeit: 0 points

You need to actually play to get a point! The opponent of the forfeited player will get an automatic 2 points.


Up for grabs would be some diamond blocks and mega crate keys for the top three at the end of the series, and the top two (winner and runner-up) would get an exclusive rank on the server itself for the following year – League Champion, and League Runner-Up.


To register, send JohnsanGeezo a mail in game. Registration is free, but you need to be available to play each weekend in order to complete your matches and get those points. Registrations close Friday 22 April at 9pm. No registrations will be taken once the competition has started.


A new LC League page will be created on the website in the coming days that will include the full season draw (the matches), and the current ladder, plus this information and a little more closer to the date.

This is going to be huge! Make sure you register for the first annual LC League competition, and ask in game or in Discord if you have any questions.