118Survival and LC Empires

Some months ago we were in the middle of a big evaluation of the server, and we got loads of amazing feedback from our brilliant players! One of these was a LibraryCraft version of Empires. It ended up being a very popular option, so we’re looking at getting it sorted for January, after the BedWars Tournament is done! Here’s all the information you need to know.

What is Empires?

Empires is a big Survival Multiplayer series on YouTube from a wide range of prominent YouTubers. According to their wiki, “it focuses on building up an empire/kingdom and over time, connecting them all together to focus on trade, alliances or total war and conquering your enemies.”

Empires is very much story and lore based, and works primarily on trade. Each empire is responsible for the creation and export of one type of thing – dyes, iron, honey, copper, wood and a lot more. In order to get that item, you don’t farm it yourself, but create a trade system with the empire that exports it.

Importantly, it’s highly encouraged to get access to the LibraryCraft Discord server if you want to participate. Communication between Empires can happen a lot easier and faster, and a lot of news and communication with the mod team will happen through Discord as well. Of course, if we have players that are unable to get access to Discord, we’ll find a way to disseminate the same information in the LC Empires world.

How will LC Empires work?

While most of that will be true for us, we’re doing a few things differently, so it suits LibraryCraft and so it will function as intended:

  1. LC Empires will be a 5k x 5k vanilla map, with the Nether enabled, but not the End.
    The End will be disabled so trade routes and roads can be established. Elytra and shulkers will be sold after a while with a shopkeeper, but not straight away.
  2. Pwarps are not to be used.
    Travel is to be encouraged and used at all times! Horses, boats etc as trade routes, and then Elytra after a while.
  3. There will be a strict sign up process.
    This won’t be a world that is open to everyone, at any time. A sign up period will be set, to allow people to get thinking about it and put their names down. If you don’t register, you don’t get to take part, mainly because empires that start weeks later will most likely not be needed, or not thrive.
  4. Empires will be made up of two players.
    It won’t just be you running your empire. The Mod team will choose partners so empires don’t go quiet. A quiet empire means no exports from that empire, which makes it hard to play! Ideally Discord players will be paired together, but there is no guarantee you will be with your friend.
  5. Empires can set a preference of what resource to be a primary trader on.
    These will be listed as a part of the registration process. Each empire has a chosen export, with a huge focus on trade and alliances, and building your empire. Any resource that isn’t represented will be considered free to be gathered by all.
  6. PVP will be on, but it will strictly not be a free-for-all.
    This is not PVPSurvival. Lore and storytelling is crucial, and story should be a primary focus. Story should revolve around empires, the builds and the characters in them.
  7. Declarations of war are a must.
    No starting a PVP battle because you want to steal from players or just be a nuisance. A conversation should be had between the two parties to come to an agreement that a rivalry could be fun to do.  Talk about it first! Even Empires SMP is semi-scripted and planned. At all costs should PVP be avoided – come to some other arrangement if you can. Note that any declarations of war/rivalry should not be happening until well into the map/story.
  8. No claims allowed.
    If a player messes up once on this world (breaks one of the LC Empires rules), they will be removed from it for good. If it breaks a server rule, jail may happen too. This means no stealing, griefing etc. Again, this is a story based map. No random PVPing, stealing or griefing for the fun of it. Talk to each other and determine whether it would work with the story.
  9. A biome map will be released for Empires players only, to plan locations.
    The seed will not be released. Once teams are made up and preferences set, the biome map will be shared.
  10. Each Empire can have a Discord channel for private discussion, plus there will be a new role for registered players, plus a group channel.

To get new people involved, the duration of the map will be finite – we’ll close off Season 1 after a while, do a bit of a review, and then if there’s demand for it, run it again on a new map with new partners. How long will this be? Not sure! We’ll keep in touch with the registered players to see how it goes.

What happens now?

In order to make room on the server for another world system, something has to give. In the last month and a bit, 118Survival has been played a total of 8 hours, so we’ll be removing it as it’s just not being used enough to warrant it being kept available. Once a suitable option for hosting has been found, previous Survival maps from LibraryCraft will be made available.

The current Treasure Hunt will also be wrapped up as some locations are found in 118Survival. We’ll be sure to do another treasure hunt soon!

The Planned Timeline

  • 118Survival will be closed in the next week to make room for the Empires map.
  • Registrations are open right now!
  • Registrations for Empires to close January 8th 2023.
  • There will be one week for the mod team to get the Empires partnerships together, publish the biome map, allocate Empires their resource export (and anything that needs to happen).
  • All things going well, the LC Empires Map will open to registered players on January 16th!

How do I register?

That’s easy. Click the button below, complete the form and we’ll get in touch!

If you have any questions, ask us in Discord or send JohnsanGeezo a mail in game.