March’s Player of the Month is…

Time to announce the POTM for March! We had three nominations this round.

Here’s the nominations.


  • Although some people think that dirty is quite mean in bed wars I think that he really helped me get better at it. Not only that but he is always up for helping out around my 1.19 base.


  • Ruby’s really nice, kind and good at building. Ruby’s also good at giving directions and is never angry at losing at bed wars


  • Fazer is an incredibly generous player. He has done so many things from being a great sport in bedwars to giving things to others. Fazer definitely deserves to be POTM.

Congratulations to FazerSheep99! Fazer will get a special rank in the server for a month, with [POTM] visible after his username and two Mega Crate keys to spend in 119Survival.

Nominations are now open for next month!