Here are the Empires with some new additions!

We’ve just closed off the second round of registrations for Empires, and here’s what’s changed! If your empire is listed in red, your empire has a new member. Remember to read on to find out what needs to happen next.

The Troll Empire: Meowlicky, dirtyfoot & Little445
Export: Wood

The Northern Caverns: CountDoDo& blossomhasfallen
Export: Moss, glowberries, dripleaf, azaleas & amethyst

The Langdon Empire: osacr_ & superheroflash
Export: Copper & gold

Osaqua: AquaQuokka, ScrpMtlAlchemist & MarbleMango6153
Export: Meats, leather, wool, carpet & string

Isle of Shroom: LordSquid_, _pluto_9 & Sup3rNinja
Export: Enchanted books

Young Dragons: Grey_Wolf_Gamer, Pixelater3000 & Smaug12345
Export: Iron

Glowing Quartz: kurutrancy & RubyBird12
Export: Warped & Crimson stems, shroomlights & Quartz

Flying Fish: Jish_Le_Fish & Imaginemode
Export: Gunpowder & Prismarine

The Yanboonana Exporting Extravaganza: YanMan & _boonana
Export: Terracotta & concrete

Frogs: Slimecraft47 & CometCraft42
Export: Slime balls & slime blocks, flowers, dyes, honey and honey blocks

Strawberryfields Easter Bunny Trading: Strawfolk, Kisney & GalaxyOcean
Export: Crops & eggs

Carbon Industries: qetzi. DatSpiffinBrit & Noodles257
Export: Coal & Mud

Vine’s Quenching Potions: vinemon & RatherQuenched
Export: Potions

That’s it!

What now?
Now it’s back to playing! For the new players, get in touch with your other Empires crew and see what needs to happen. Find your Empire and get stuck in. There’s a bunch of players in need of some builds!

Also, don’t forget the Temple Scavenger Hunt! There’s a bunch of temples around that have a secret message. Decode it and you’ll get a nice reward. The reward isn’t available in the current map, so it’s worth it!