August Creative Competition – Glass Required & Season 2 2022 Prizes!

Each year in August we celebrate National Science Week – it means some exciting competitions with a bit of a science-y twist. We’ve had Underwater Bases in 2020, Farms in 2021, and this year we’re doing Glass Required, to celebrate NSW’s schools theme in 2022 of Glass: More than meets the eye.

So what does Glass Required mean exactly? We want to see you create something that requires glass to function. Think outside the box though – we don’t want to see things like houses because of windows. Get creative!

The August Comp world gate – located in the Creative Lobby – will replace the July gate which will close to building at 9pm on Sunday July 31st.

The gate will open in the Creative Lobby on the morning of August 1st, so get thinking!

Season 2 Prizes

But what is up for grabs?

As you know, each month we give away the following prizes:

  • 1st Prize: 4x diamond blocks, 1x mega crate key & 15 Emerald Points
  • 2nd Prize: 3x diamond blocks, 1x mega crate key & 10 Emerald Points
  • 3rd Prize: 2x diamond blocks, 1x mega crate key & 5 Emerald Points.

Each month the Emerald Points are tallied up and can be seen in the Emerald Hall on the Survival Lobby world. At the halfway point of the season (September for Season 2 and March for Season 1) we give away prizes to the current top three Emerald Points winners:

  • 1st Place: 1x $25 JB HiFi Voucher
  • 2nd Place: 1x $10 JB HiFi Voucher
  • 3rd Place: 1x $10 JB HiFi Voucher

At the end of the season (June and December), the grand prizes are awarded to the final top three Emerald Points winners from across the 6 months of competition. These are the big ones! This season we’re giving away:

  • 1st Prize: $350 worth of LEGO! The winner would let us know what to order (dependent on availability of course), up to $350 and we’ll get it delivered to you. This was a highly requested prize last year, so we’re thrilled to be able to offer it.
  • 2nd Prize: $100 JB HiFi Voucher
  • 3rd Prize: $50 JB HiFi Voucher

Exciting times!

June & Emerald Points Season 1 2022 Results

We’ve hit the midway point of 2022, so it’s results time! Not just the June results, but it’s time to announce the winners for the whole Emerald Points Season 1 2022 competition.

June first though – we gave builders an Open Build! Build anything you like. These are always tough to judge and this one was no different.

1st Place: cramskii

With a single vote between 1st and 2nd, cramskii is back! We’ve not seen competition entries from cramskii since September last year, and what a way to come back – with a top spot on the podium! Cram has crafted a beautiful twisting treehouse. This one was lovely to walk through and explore. There’s even farms down the centre of the trunk.

2nd Place: toothless_spy

Toothless has gone big this month with an incredible hotel! Not only is it great to look at from the exterior, but each room is fully furnished too! Amazing.

3rd Place: Meowlicky

Meowlicky is back with a unique build – a McLaren Museum! This would not have been easy to build, and as a McLaren F1 fan, I really enjoyed walking through this one.

Honourable Mentions

We have a whopping five honourable mention this round, with players scoring some votes, but not enough to make the podium finish. They each get a diamond block! What a round!






Well done to all our entries! Prizes will be delivered in the coming week.

Emerald Points Season 1 2022 Results

On to the big one – Season 1 2022 results! Here’s the final ladder.

  1. toothless_spy – 60 pts
  2. Kursed7280084 – 35 pts
  3. CountDoDo – 25 pts
  4. _pluto_9 – 15 pts
  5. cramskii – 15 pts
  6. Meowlicky – 10 pts
  7. Yanabananaa – 10 pts
  8. qetzi – 5 pts
  9. LordSquid_ – 5 pts

It’s not settled though! CountDoDo and _pluto_9 are now Builder rank and so are ineligible to win the prizes. That means we have had a last round change in the ladder! It just goes to show that ever single month counts. Here’s your new top three!

  1. toothless_spy – 60 pts
  2. Kursed7280084 – 35 pts
  3. cramskii – 15 pts

What a result! Toothless takes home a brand new gaming monitor, Kursed gets a $100 JB HiFi voucher, and cramskii gets a $50 JB HiFi voucher. We’re very excited for Season 2, 2022. Bring it on! I’ll be in touch with the Season 1 winners to arrange prize collection.


Surprise School Holiday BedWars Tournament!

Hey everyone!

It’s me CountDoDo! Since its a bit of a heavy load for the mods this school holidays, I am going to be in charge of hosting the BedWars Tournament, with help from cramskii & qetzi. This post will outline all the info so make sure to read it all! (Disclaimer: A lot of this post is copy and pasted, I give credit to JohnsanGeezo for making it).

Every match (yes that means the Grand Finals too) will be a double elimination knockout. You have to lose twice in order to be out of the competition. If you lose once, you can still come back and win the entire competition! Every match will be played on Forest, NOT Castle, Forest. There will be no grace periods, and the matches will run as normal BedWars matches

The Tournament will go for just over a week, from:

Sunday 3rd July to Monday 11th July

Registrations for the tournament will close at 9pm on Sunday, 3rd of July. The brackets will be public and available on Monday, 4th of July.

There are 2 ways you can register, either:
React to this message on the LibraryCraft Discord.
Send an in-game mail to CountDoDo in the SURVIVAL WORLD, saying you want to join.

Once the competition has started, participants will have to schedule their matches themselves, play them, and then message the results of their match to CountDoDo. They can do this either by posting on the Discord in tournaments or mailing CountDoDo in-game.

If you cannot play your match during the allocated time, you will be forced to forfeit the match. As soon as you realise that you can’t play the match report it! Its very hard to manage tournaments when there are forfeits at the last second.

Once a new match has been confirmed and the players have been tagged/messaged in game/Discord, you have 24 hours to PLAY the match, or it will be deemed a forfeit. The player that is causing the delay will be the player that has to forfeit. If this can’t be determined, there will be a random 50/50 decision by a random wheel.

The prize for this competition is a $50 JB-HiFi Voucher for the winner organised by the mods! The runners up may get a prize of diamonds, but don’t count on it, its not confirmed yet.

FAQ (I will be using the FAQ John has written before with changes for this tourney (I did not write this part)

What should I report to CountDoDo?

  1. Report if you are unable to schedule a match during the allocated week.
  2. Both players must report the results after the match, in either Discord (#tournaments) or using in-game mail. CountDoDo will then update the bracket, so the next match can be scheduled.

Can I report to LightKLibrary or JohnsanGeezo?
Nope, to lighten the load on the moderator team, CountDoDo will be in charge of the matches for this tournament, so send your results to him.

Are you sure we can’t delay the matches we can’t play to a different week?
Yes. You must complete your matches in the tournament week. This is so results and prizes can be finalised in a timely fashion, and stops a lot of confusion.

Can we use a different map, like Castle?
No, all matches must be played on Forest, so it’s fair for everyone.

Can we have longer grace periods before PvP starts?
No, the default game settings must be used. All matches must be played fair and according to the rules. If exploits or cheats are seen to be used, the player using them will instantly forfeit the match, and the player will be placed in jail according to server rules.

Can another player (registered or not registered) play instead?
No, Unfortunately due to the small size of the tournament this year, there will be no substitutes. Whoever causes the most delay in coming to a match or cannot attend will be the one who has to forfeit

Is there a limit?
No! There is no limit for players joining, the brackets may look a little different, but we don’t want to exclude anyone!

Ok, what are the brackets?
They’re not made yet – you need to register first!

Good luck!

July Creative Competition – Ultimate Biomes

July means the start of a new season of competition! The leaderboard has been wiped clean. Prizes for the new season will be announced during July when we’ve finalised them, but they’re pretty good…

On to July’s theme! We’re going with Ultimate Biomes. We all know the biomes we have, but how would you improve them? New features or structures? New plants or animals? Let us know!

The July Comp world gate – located in the Creative Lobby – will replace the June gate which will close to building at 9pm on Thursday June 30th.

The gate will open in the Creative Lobby on the morning of July 1st, so get planning!

May Treehouse Competition Results

Just like that, May is over! It’s time to announce the winners for the Treehouse competition.

1st Place: Kursed7280084

After six podium places over the last year, Kursed has finally secured top spot for the first time! The winning entry is a simple house hanging from a not-so-simple tree! There’s some nice detailing inside too. Congratulations to Kursed!

2nd Place: toothless_spy

Toothless is in the top three again with this massive tree with a hidden underground dwelling. There’s even a farm in the depths of the tree.

3rd Place: LordSquid__

Making his competition podium debut is LordSquid with this Nether inspired treehouse! I love the two halved build – the red and green Nether design is really striking. There’s even a secret armoury. Well done Squid!

Honourable Mentions

We have three honourable mention this round, with players scoring some votes, but not enough to make the podium finish. They get a diamond block! I’m also pretty sure these are all players that have never secured a vote before! Great to see some exciting new players in the monthly competitions.




Well done to all our entries! On to the June free build competition and the end of Season 1 2022! Prizes will be delivered very soon.

Introducing the Builder Competition!

Something that we’ll be implementing in July is the Builder Competition! There’s more builders now, and not only do they miss out on entering the competitions, sometimes there’s not a lot of building for the server required due to a bigger team. This is an idea that one of the mod team came up with – just the four Builders having a creative build challenge, with some crucial differences. Knowing what our build team can do, this is going to be exciting to watch!

  • Instead of monthly builds, there are quarterly builds – 3 months each. 3 month competitions from Jan-Mar, Apr -Jun, Jul-Sept and Oct-Dec. For the remainder of this year, we’ll do three 2 month comps: Jul-Aug, Sep-Oct, and Nov-Dec.
  • They’ll be themed, with the themes being a surprise up until a week before, just like the regular comps.
  • The builder team will also have bigger plots. Most comps are either 40×40 or 50×50. These will be 100×100 to begin with.
  • Players can access the world, but not build. Just spectating!
  • Voting (yep, voting) would be from the judges and mod team only.
  • Instead of two seasons through the year, we’ll go for a full year season, with points being tallied up over the whole year.
  • Top prize is a $50 JB HiFi Voucher, and a couple of mega crate keys each for 2nd and 3rd.

This kicks off in July, so be ready for some epic builds!

June Creative Competition – Free Build

To finish off Season 1, 2022, we’re going with a popular option – just like this post has no images, the competition this month has no theme! You can build what you want (as long as it fits with the LC rules).

The June Comp world gate – located in the Creative Lobby – will replace the May gate which will close to building at 9pm on Tuesday May 31st.

The gate will open in the Creative Lobby on the morning of June 1st, so get thinking about what you want to build!

Game Lab Build Competition Results

Thank you so much to everyone who came and had a chat to us at Game Lab at the WA Museum on Sunday! We loved chatting to every one of you, and seeing all of your builds! The votes are in for the Game Lab Build Competition we held on the day. We had 22 entries plus a handful of extra ones from some of our existing players, so it was a lot of fun to explore! The prizes are:

1st: $50 JB HiFi Voucher + 2x Diamond Blocks + 1x Mega Crate Key
2nd: $25 JB HiFi Voucher + 1x Diamond Block + 1x Mega Crate Key
3rd: $25 JB HiFi Voucher + 1x Diamond Block + 1x Mega Crate Key

The Mega Crate keys are for the crates that are at 1.18 Survival Spawn. The Mega Crate in particular has a chance of dropping some serious loot. Netherite swords, more diamonds, bottles of enchanting, and more.

The Survival rewards will only be claimable if the player is whitelisted in the server and contacts JohnsanGeezo in game.

On to the results!

1st Place: PainedLawyer482

There’s not a lot of time to build something in the competition, with only 15 minutes to get something out there, but PainedLawyer482 has created a really nice floating island, complete with some ores. Well done!

2nd Place: GamingKitty

A classic brick and oak stair house, with some nice planter boxes out the front for Kitty!

3rd Place: KolyaGG

From the surface, Kolya’s build isn’t much, but head down in to the vault and there’s more to see.

That’s it! Thanks very much to everyone who entered, and has joined the server already! We’ll be reaching out to the winners to sort out prizes later today.

April Time Travel Competition Results

Another month done! It’s time to announce the winners for April’s Time Travel competition.

1st Place: CountDoDo

True to form, CountDoDo has opted for an incredible D-Day landing scene. It’s a beauty! It was exciting to see this one come together. Securing this win means that Count is now one of our official server Builders! He’ll not be able to enter the competitions any more, but will become a judge and will be helping out with builds around the server. We’ve got some exciting things we’re working on! Congrats Count!

2nd Place: toothless_spy

This month toothless decided to go for a cross section of the Great Pyramid of Giza. There was so much in it! Traps and mazes galore. This was a fun one to explore. Well done!

3rd Place: Kursed7280084

Kursed has secured a podium place again with a stunning Viking scene! I love the details inside the buildings.

Honourable Mentions

We have one honourable mention this round, with players scoring some votes, but not enough to make the podium finish. They get a diamond block!


Well done to all our entries! On to May’s treehouses! Prizes will be delivered very soon.

May Creative Competition – Treehouse

May’s Creative Competition theme is going back into the archives, revisiting a popular one – Treehouse!

This was also one of our first competitions, back in May 2020!

The May Comp world gate – located in the Creative Lobby – will replace the April gate which will close to building at 9pm on Saturday April 30th.

The gate will open in the Creative Lobby on the morning of May 1st, so get planning and designing!