New Collaborative Project – The LC 64 Storey Treehouse!

It’s time to do another collaborative creative project! To celebrate the WA Tree Festival, something that many of our local councils are a part of, we’re going to be doing something a little more literacy based! One of my favourite book series (and I know I’m not alone) is the Treehouse series, by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton. We thought we’d do our own version, so being Minecraft, we’ll be doing the LibraryCraft 64 Storey Treehouse during April! Here’s how it’s going to work.

The rooms themselves will be done in a custom competition world, accessible through the new, and very unmissable treehouse portal in the Creative Lobby, seen above! Note: this isn’t a competition! We’d love to have everyone come and design a room. It can be a room from the books, or something you thought of yourself. Once the rooms are done, the Builder and Mod teams will piece them together in a massive tree for everyone to explore. So…

Saturday April 1st: The LC Treehouse world will open for players to begin building rooms! (Yes, we know it’s also April Fool’s Day, but this is not a joke.) The world for building rooms will be open until Saturday 15 April, 9pm. We ask that you don’t build outside the square box we’ve provided in each plot.

From April 16 to 30 we’ll piece it all together into a huge custom tree for people to explore.

If you want to do multiple rooms, you definitely can, we just ask that you finish one room off before you start another. Get excited! This one should be fun.

OneBlock is here!

We’ve got another minigame added to the server and it’s a variation on possibly the most requested minigame on LC – OneBlock!

What’s OneBlock? Similar to Skyblock, you start on a single block floating in the sky. As you mine that block, it reappears as something different. As you level up (by breaking the block again and again), new items will be included. Be warned though, mobs will appear too, and some will be hostile!

To create a new island, use /ob join in the Minigames Lobby. This will place you on a small island, like the one pictured above. Yep, we realise it’s not just a single block, but this is still not bad. The centre block (the OneBlock) is the magic one that will reappear. If you mine the others around it, they’ll drop as normal but won’t reappear, so be careful!

Some commands and things to know about this gamemode:

  • /ob join to start your first island or go back to it from another world in the Minigames server.
  • /ob IDreset to clear your island. Then use /ob join to start a new one.
  • If you die in the void, you will lose your items. There’s no graves in this world!
  • Use /ob invite [username] to invite that player to play with you. NOTE: This will mean they LOSE their island. Players can’t have their own island AND play with someone else.
  • If you just want to visit, use /tpa.
  • Be careful with letting others on to your island – they will be able to interact with chests and break items. There are no claims on this world. Only let players on that you trust.
  • There is no Nether or End in this game, as it’s not needed! Nether and End blocks will appear as a late game level. Nether Portals won’t go anywhere, so don’t waste your obsidian.

If you have questions, ask in Discord or in game! Enjoy!

New PVP Map – Magical Oasis!

It’s been a while, but we’ve got a brand new PVP map! A map concept originally by Meowlicky, it was taken over by RubyBird12 with some assistance from CountDoDo pretty early on and has transformed into the image above – a perfectly named Magical Oasis!

The map has been added to the HungerGames setup as a PVP option for a maximum of four players. There’s loads of hidey holes, as well as open spaces to run and cramped spots for a close quarters battle. This will be a fun one, as the entire island is also hollow, to allow for some cave battles too.

Well done to the team for building this great map!

Do you have an idea for a big creative project? Need a map for it? Project worlds can be made available for you in the Creative Server. Project worlds are limited to the project team and the mod team, and you’ll need to submit a written book to Johnsan’s current main Survival base with the following information:

  • What is the project? What’s it for, the name, what it will look like etc.
  • An idea of the size and layout, so we can create a worldborder to fit.
  • What surface you need – void, superflat, water, whatever. We won’t upload custom worlds from players. We can create a world for you instead.
  • If you have Discord we can set up a channel for your team, so the mods can assist and provide advice where needed.
  • A schedule of work – how long it will take, what will happen each week etc. If a project hasn’t had any progress for a period of time, we may decide to remove the map from the server.

If you have questions about Project worlds, feel free to get in touch! Have fun in the Magical Oasis!

Spleaf has come to LibraryCraft!

We’ve had a few requests for this one recently, so we’ve listened and brought it back! Spleaf (otherwise known as Dripleaf Spleef or Dripleaf Runner) is now available for testing and playing in the Minigames server. It’s as yet untested but should be fine.

You’ll find the gate to Spleaf under the massive dripleaf next to TNT Run in the Minigames Lobby. The game is easy! Run around the dripleaves and try not to fall through them. Fall through and you’re out.

Make sure you read the signs properly and follow the rules! Let us know how it goes in Discord or in game. Have fun!

The LibraryCraft Big Base Swap is back!

That’s right! This was a heap of fun last time we ran it, so we’ve decided to do it again. The LibraryCraft Big Base Swap is an opt-in base swap. Players will be assigned a different existing base on 119Survival to modify and call their home for a while.

To be a part of the fun, simply place a signedbook (signed with YOUR username) into the chest that’s in the house behind the statues at 119Survival (the one with the big red arrow above it in the image below). The book must also include the coordinates of your base.

Here are some important rules:

  1. You are not being forced to do this! It’s only if you want to.
  2. No clearing out items from chests before you leave. You can only take tools, one set of armour, netherite ingots, your elytra and rockets. Everything else must stay behind. Everything.
  3. If you have multiple bases, you must give up your best 119Survival base.
  4. No destruction for destruction’s sake. Feel free to talk to the original owner to see the direction they wanted to take, but it’s also up to you if you want to do something different. Remember though – you are modifying bases, not completely rebuilding. No tearing down what’s there already.
  5. No swapping back straight away! You must have the new base for at least 1 month before asking to swap back. You can of course stay swapped for longer. Remember, be nice to each other.
  6. The draw will be chosen by John.
  7. Mods will be allowed to participate! You might get a mod’s base…
  8. Whatever you do not use during the swap must stay at the base! No blatant robbery.

The LCBBS Round 2 is now open for entrants! Registrations will close at 9pm on Sunday 5th March. Plenty of time to build a base if you haven’t yet…

Your new base name (and location) will be in your mail the following morning. The deed to your new property (the book) will be in a chest at that base. Don’t lose it! You’ll need to swap them over again at the end.

Before you leave your base, make sure you leave a book with some ideas or guidelines for your base, for the new owner!

LibraryCraft: Now with Build Battles!

That’s right! You asked for it, we delivered! The Creative server is now home to a build battle minigame and arena. We thought it’d fit better in the Creative server.

To start with we’ve got one arena that can hold up to 18 players. It’s a 10 minute build timer and you can vote on the topic to build on. More of these topics can be added, so feel free to suggest more! After the timer has elapsed, you’ll be teleported to each plot to vote.

You can automatically change the floor block type, add lots of different particles, change the time of day, add rain and of course build! There’s also a couple of commands to use:

  • /bg leave to leave the match halfway through
  • /bg stats to see your statistics!

We’ll be adding a team build battle option as well, but feel free to suggest any tweaks you might like to see.

Introducing the LC Create Server!

In order to bring in 2023 with a bang, we’ve decided to set up and trial a modded server running Fabric and our very own mod pack! Running the immensely popular Create mod among a slew of others, this server will be only for players 13 and older, given the more complex nature of play. It’ll be a 1.19.2 world, with the Nether and the End, and around a 10,000 square worldborder.

Is this replacing LibraryCraft?

No! This is simply another server we’re trialling, to see if it would work and be popular. A lot of our teenage players have been with us for a while now, so we want to make sure we’ve got something fun on offer for them, as well as all the regular stuff that’s available in the main servers.

2023 will be another big year for LibraryCraft, with a whole year of player suggested creative competition themes, a new season of the LC League coming, plus another update, of course LC Empires, and plenty more. We’re always open to suggestions!

What mods are included?

There’s some awesome ones! We’ve been doing some testing on an Aternos server, but all things going well, here’s what we’re looking at on the new server (not an Aternos one!):

  • Create – one of the most popular mods going around at the moment, this mod adds so many more amazing automated functions – windmills, drilling rigs, pipes, movement, farms and even functioning, rideable, buildable trains! The possibilities of this mod are incredible.
  • William Wythers’ Overhauled Overworld & Oh The Biomes You’ll Go – these two mods are responsible for some seriously beautiful world generation, adding in over 100 different biomes to explore.
  • Towns and Towers – for adding in different village designs and more things to explore around the world. Ruins, farms and more.
  • Macaw’s Bridges & Fences and Walls – rope bridges, fancy fences, loads of things!
  • When Dungeons Arise – one of the best dungeon generators around. Massive sprawling dungeon complexes with harder hitting mobs, massive pirate ships, floating ships, temples and plenty more for a bit of a challenge.
  • It Takes a Pillage – bigger, meaner pillager outposts, and new pillager types to battle.
  • The Graveyard – adds in spooky graveyards and underground crypts to find, plus new custom mobs like the ghoul and more.
  • Mr Crayfish’s Furniture Mod – purely for the excellent new mailbox function, plus also furniture.
  • Decorative Blocks & Supplementaries that will add a massive range of different things to build with and use.
  • Farmer’s Delight – adds new crops, cooking and farming options
  • BetterEnd – the End gets a rewrite, and a huge one! New biomes, mobs and more.
  • Roughly Enough Items – for a massive list of all items and how to craft them.
  • Diagonal Fences – because why not.
  • Elytra Slot – Now you can wear armour and an elytra at once!
  • Fabric Waystones – instead of warps, we’re using these – they’re found at villages, can be crafted, and are all public. Using them will cost you a level of XP.
  • Sound Physics Remastered – for a superb echo when you’re in caves.
  • Simple Voice Chat – yep, you’ve asked for it, here it is! Proximity chat! The good one.
  • BetterF3 – for a much nicer F3 screen
  • Gravestones – much like graves on the main server, die and your stuff gets kept in a grave.
  • Cammie’s Wearable Backpacks – carry an extra double chest worth of storage on your back!
  • JourneyMap – one of the best map mods around – a minimap, full screen map and local browser map with waypoints all in one! No dynmap for this server. The map will only show what you have explored. It will show other players, but not the terrain around them if you haven’t been there.

Plus a bunch of other dependent mods we needed to run the ones above, and to run the server better. Stuff like a discord link so we can see chat like we do with the main servers and more. Yep, that’s what that discord bot was a week or so ago! We’ve also got a mod where every chest generated when the world is created will be per-player based. No more going to an already looted dungeon to find the chests have been cleared out!

All in all, it’s an amazing bunch of mods! We’re also keeping an eye on Chipped, that offers thousands more block variants for all the vanilla blocks. It’s not updated to 1.19.2 yet, but hopefully it will be soon!

So what now?

There’s a fair bit to do to get the server set up, optimised and functional! Create the server, install the mods, prep the spawn area and get some helpful guides sorted out for everyone. Work has already begun, but we don’t know a date yet, so stay tuned! If you want to get involved with it, there’ll be some new channels set up in Discord for those that are old enough to play in the LC Create server. We’d love to know what you think! Stay tuned – more info will be coming soon.

For now, enjoy this video of John’s base on the test server to see what sort of stuff will be available to get stuck into! The Aternos server struggled with a few things as you’ll see in the video, but it was still a lot of fun.

Here are your Empires!

Here they are – your 14 empires and exports! Remember to read on to find out what needs to happen next.

Empire 1: Meowlicky & dirtyfoot
Export: Wood

Empire 2: Godzillaaaaaaaa & hasfallenblossom
Export: Moss, glowberries, dripleaf, azaleas & amethyst

Empire 3: quipp & superheroflash
Export: Copper & gold

Empire 4: AquaQuokka & ScrpMtlAlchemist
Export: Meats, leather, wool, carpet & string

Empire 5: LordSquid_ & _pluto_9
Export: Enchanted books

Empire 6: Grey_Wolf_Gamer & Pixelater3000
Export: Iron

Empire 7: kurutrancy & RubyBird12
Export: Warped & Crimson stems, shroomlights & Quartz

Empire 8: Quirtle & CometCraft42
Export: Flowers, dyes, honey and honey blocks

Empire 9: Jish_Le_Fish & Imaginemode
Export: Gunpowder & Prismarine

Empire 10: YanMan & _boonana
Export: Terracotta & concrete

Empire 11: Slimecraft47 & midnightmelon1
Export: Slime balls & slime blocks

Empire 12: Strawberryfolk & Kisney
Export: Crops & eggs

Empire 13: qetzi & DatSpiffinBrit
Export: Coal & Mud

Empire 14: vinemon & RatherQuenched
Export: Potions

That’s it!

What now?
Now you need to:

  1. Choose a name for your empire and let JohnsanGeezo know
  2. If you are both on the LC Discord, one of you needs to open a ticket in Discord – that will be your Empire channel. There’ll also be a channel with all the empires together – #lcempires-general
  3. Take a look at the map below and think about where you want to be based and a bit of lore to get you going! Get in touch with everyone on the #lcempires-general channel to claim your spot.
  4. Then we wait until the map is opened! Stay tuned!

Tweaking the LC Empires Timeline

We didn’t get a lot of interest in the Bedwars tournament for January, so we’ve decided to bring Empires forward! We’ve got a whopping 14 Empires locked in so far, but registrations have stalled so we’ll be closing registrations tonight at 9pm – that’s 9pm Sunday January 1st!

We’ll need a bit of time to get a few things prepped, but LC Empires will be going live some time this week. The majority of the work is done, but at the latest, the map will be available on Saturday morning 7th January. If we get it done earlier, it’ll be open earlier! Keep an eye out in game, on Facebook & Discord, and here on the site for all the latest info!