LibraryCraft is now on 1.17.1!

That’s right, after a couple of days to update, we’re back! There’s plenty to check out on 1.17.1, with loads of new blocks, axolotls, goats (yet to be found) and more.

We’ve also got our new Shop system up and running, with diamonds as the main economy and the stunning new Trade Hall filling up with shops using the new Shopkeeper plugin. We’ve even got a friendly giant called Barry that stands guard and welcomes everyone in.

The new shops are proving to be a hit, so make sure you come over to the NewSurvival Trade Hall and check them out. There might be something you want! If you want to know more about the system, check out the video below.

Server Closed for Update!

If you’re trying to log in and it’s telling you you’re not whitelisted, we’re in the process of updating to 1.17.1, and the server is busy getting the world expansion sorted. It’ll take a while, but I’ll post an announcement both here and on the LibraryCraft Discord when it’s ready to go later tonight.

If you want to stay up to date with what’s going on, join the LibraryCraft Discord server and get in on the conversations! It’s a busy place.

New Features coming to LibraryCraft

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been going through the feedback from our recent annual survey. There’s been a lot! Thanks to all of our players and parents that submitted feedback, and congratulations to xdboonana, _pluto_9 and Albuman for scoring a $50 JB HiFi voucher!

We’ve set up a space on the New Survival spawn island with large posters of all our feedback. There’s also an opportunity for you to provide more feedback to our responses, with some books and quills and a chest. We want to know what you think! The feedback has also been posted to Discord, for more chances to talk to the team.

On to the changes! In addition to setting up some team challenges, survival structures and hopefully some more minigame maps, there’s two big changes that we’ll be implementing soon.

New Roles

We’ll be adding a new Mentor role in both Discord and in game, for the players that are awesome at helping people and showing new players around. This one is currently being set up and requirements figured out, but we think it will be an excellent way to help new players out. Stay tuned in game on /news and in Discord to find out what the requirements will be.

We’ve also added the Projects role and some pronoun reaction roles to the Discord too. The Projects role will be given to those players that currently have the Projects rank in Discord.

PVP Survival

The biggest change we’ll be implementing is the addition of a new PVP Survival World! Here’s the plan.

  1. We remove The Broken Sky – not everyone plays on it, and out of all the Survival play so far, TBS accounts for only 0.5% of it.
  2. We also remove Laketown PVP.
  3. We replace them with a custom Survival world of around 3000 x 3000 blocks, which is open to PVP.
  4. Claims will not be allowed on this world.
  5. Dynmap will be turned off for this world.
  6. The world is a separate inventory, and enderchests will also not be allowed.
  7. Graves will be turned off.
  8. While PVP will be allowed, ALL other rules will still be in play. No TNT, no cheats, showing respect etc.
  9. You’ll be allowed to loot items from people’s chests, so hide them well!
  10. No griefing will be allowed on this world. No destroying bases for the fun of it. You can make a two block hole to get into someone’s base, but that’s it.
  11. The world will only last for a term plus school holidays, then it gets deleted.
  12. The world will be OPT IN ONLY. If you come to the PVP Survival world, you understand that you may be killed on sight. No coming to check it out and ask for stuff back. A protected spawn island will be set up, where PVP will not be turned on.
  13. The Nether and the End won’t appear. Instead, loot crates will appear with some gear in them.
  14. Players can (and are encouraged to) form alliances.

The biggest takeaway from this is that this is not an anarchy world. Rules will definitely still apply. If players break the rules in the world, they will face the penalties. Below is an image of what the spawn island in this world will be in it’s unbuilt form. We’re getting close to opening this world up!

We’re excited to find out what you think!

LibraryCraft and 1.17 Part 1

So we now know that Caves & Cliffs Part 1 will be released to the general public on June 8th – Tuesday! A few things are going to change, but remember – we have to wait until our plugins are updated before the server can be updated.

Just a reminder, 1.17 Part 1 is only going to be adding new blocks and mobs (glow squid, goats and axlotls). The world generation for the actual caves (plus the Warden) is not until 1.18, that will come in early 2022. 1.18? Yep, that’s what Part 2 will be called, as it’s pretty big by itself, so it gets a major number.

Because the world generation won’t happen until at least the start of 2022, we won’t be adding a new world in this update. OldSurvival and NewSurvival will stay for the time being. As the Survival worlds are preloaded with a worldborder, all of the explorable land has been explored, so nothing new will spawn in the current worldborder of 5k x 5k, so we’ll be expanding the NewSurvival worldborder to 7.5k x 7.5k. Yes, Some blocks will generate in the game – like amethysts and copper. If you want those new items, you’re going to need to go exploring in the new areas! For the other items that won’t naturally spawn, they’ll be available in a new style of shop, for a price of a certain amount of diamonds. Those same items will be also available in Creative Mode.

When Update 2 comes out and is available for us in 2022, OldSurvival will go, NewSurvival will be renamed 116Survival, and a brand new 118Survival world will appear, in all it’s worldgen glory!

After 1.17 comes in, we’ll be removing the current /shop system and the ChestShops plugin, and adding two plugins – The Diamond Bank and Shopkeepers. The Diamond Bank allows for storage of diamonds in a digital vault. Holding diamonds in your hand, enter /deposit and they’ll be safely stored away. Entering /withdraw will get them out. Shopkeepers uses villagers with custom selling interfaces – much like what you see already, but players can add the items they want to sell, for either an amount of diamonds, or to trade. They work really well, and shopkeepers are also able to be changed to different mobs.

Still confused? Ok. When we get 1.17 Part 1 in the coming month, we’ll:

  • remove the current /shop system (we’re not really using it anyway, except to get more money)
  • remove ChestShops.
  • Current /balances will be wiped and removed.
  • Add The Diamond Bank and Shopkeepers as the primary shop systems. These would be used on both OldSurvival and NewSurvival.
  • Competition plots will be free (more info on this soon)
  • Competition prizes and referral bonuses will become diamonds, not money.
  • More /sethomes will be diamonds, not money.
  • Heads will be free to purchase, except player heads, that will cost diamonds.
  • Players buy a special villager egg worth a diamond block for use in their shops. Small shop plots will also cost diamonds (more info on this later)
  • AdminShop Villagers will be available at NewSurvival Trade Island so players can purchase the 1.17 items that do not naturally spawn, for diamonds.

Importantly, the biggest thing for you all to do right now is to start mining for diamonds! We will not be exchanging balances for diamonds. We will also be asking those of you that have built shops in the Trade Island to start tearing them down – the plots we use will be customisable, but much smaller.

Hide and Seek is here!

We love seeing player ingenuity in the server, and this is a great example! Hide and Seek (even before this announcement) has been a popular past-time for players. In game rules were decided as a group and games were played regularly. Because of this, we thought we could make it official, so here it is – Hide and Seek is officially in LibraryCraft.

Head to the Warp Ship to find the Hide and Seek gate. This’ll take you to the new Hide and Seek (HAS) world, and boy has it been popular only a few days after introducing it!

The HAS lobby, pictured in the trailer above contains the rules in an information book, a live leaderboard of the top 10 players (based on match wins), and a bit more information here and there. Here’s how the game works.


The match lasts for 15 minutes, with one seeker and a maximum of 9 hiders. As hiders are found, they become seekers. Each role gets a weapon – the aim is to take each other out PVP style. Each role gets coins as they play, which can be spent on perks in game. These are also persistent – you only have to buy them once to use them in matches. Perks don’t come cheap though – you’ll have to play a bunch of matches to rack up enough to get them.


Hiders have the ability to hide as blocks – there are a few to choose from and these can be customised per arena (yes, we’ll be adding more as we go, but for now, there’s just the one arena). When moving around, they’ll look like bouncing blocks, but won’t be solid, so will appear slightly offset from the standard grid. Stop moving after a while and you’ll turn solid and ‘snap’ to the grid, so other players can walk on you. You’ll really blend in well, providing you selected the right block!

A Hider’s aim (aside from trying to blend in with the environment) is to take out the Seekers if found. If you get hit by something, you’ll make a sound like an anvil being dropped. You’ll get some weapons after a while as well, to take out the Seekers. Get killed and you’ll become a seeker yourself.

Hider Perks include costume changers and insta-solid.


Seekers start in the Seeker waiting area while Hiders go and hide, then they spawn in with some weapons. You’ve got 15 minutes to find everyone. If you don’t the Hiders win. If a Seeker is killed, you’ll spend a minute in the Seeker waiting area before respawning again in the match. It should take only a few hits to take out a Hider, but they can hit back, so be careful.

Seeker perks include the Hider compass which tells you the block to look for and a rough distance from your position, and throwable TNT.

For more information, get in game and read the book. There’s more to it than that! It’s been a lot of fun to play already and we’re looking forward to what comes next with the minigame. There’s already been some talk about submitting a project to create a new arena or two, so keep an eye out. If you’re not in game or haven’t been for a while, now’s a good time to get back into it!

Introducing The Broken Sky

We’ve had a few questions from players recently around what to do with their in game balances. I tasked the player group on Discord to come up with a solution, and a solution they have found! Introducing The Broken Sky…

The Broken Sky is a floating island world linked with NewSurvival (your inventories will carry across). There are three sizes of island – small, medium and large. These islands can be purchased with your in game cash, one per player.

Small: $50,000
Medium: $75,000
Large: $100,000


Now, you may be saying “that’s a lot of money!”. Well, you’d be correct. It is a lot of money, but there’s a lot of players that can currently afford it, and it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to save up, so it’s definitely within reach for everyone. How? Trade, sell, mine, farm, and sell some more. Items can either be sold to other players through the Trade Islands, or to the server using /shop.

This world is not like the other worlds though – there’s some specific rules.

  • One island per player
  • The world is permission based – you can only access the world if you have paid for an island
  • No claiming on this world at all – your island is pre-claimed. There are also other communal islands around (check out the video below). These are not to be claimed at all. Anything built on these worlds should be available to everyone, and not protected by a claim.
  • Gather resources on the NewSurvival world – there are resources on The Broken Sky, but try not to decimate the other islands.
  • If you fall off the edge of an island, you run the risk of not getting your items back. Each player gets two free passes to get their items back
    • If another player accidentally pushes you off
    • If you make a mistake and fall off
    • After that, you must pay $1000 to get your items back. Be careful! Only have on you what you need, or what you’re willing to lose. Think of this world as Skyblock. Don’t carry everything!
  • Feel free to create bridges between worlds, but we want to see some nice bridges! No dirt or cobble bridging. Make them look detailed.

We’re really excited about this world – it’s been fun already! It does take a bit of time to get in though – it’s dependent on permissions being allocated to your account, so it’s not instant. Please be patient! Check out the video above for a sneak peek of some of the other islands that can be found (using an elytra of course).

If there’s any questions about The Broken Sky, get in touch with us via email, in game, or through Discord. Happy exploring!

Introducing LibraryCraft NewSurvival and More!

That’s right – after a few weeks of lots of work, we now have a number of new changes to the server!

There’s a couple of new Lobby islands at spawn, two new Creative worlds, Project worlds, a reorganised Warp Ship, and of course NewSurvival, with it’s own new features!

Projects Lobby

Do you have an idea for a large scale project suitable for it’s own world? It could be a new minigame map, huge community build for players to explore, or even something for a school project! Head to the Projects Lobby and submit a written book with your idea. We’ll then get in touch with you with the next steps, if your idea is accepted.

Creative Lobby

LibraryCraft now has three different Creative worlds, all accessible from the new Creative Lobby. There’s now a Space Creative, with a gate by the Xwing (beautifully crafted by one of our players – JTripleM, a Metro District, with all builds planning on being moved to an area on NewSurvival, and of course the Super Flat Plots, with the gate underneath the unicorn by AriadneOMG.

There’s already been some beautiful builds to be seen in the Super Flat Plots world – this will prove to be very exciting to watch!

Warp Ship

The gates have been slightly moved around, but to stop any confusion, nice clear signs are now above each gate! Both OldSurvival and NewSurvival will have their own Nether and End gates on each world, instead of at the Warp Ship.

On to the main event!


NewSurvival is ready and has already seen a whole lot of action! When you go through the gate you’ll see a few buildings on an island. This island is the Spawn Island. It’s completely protected from building. There’s a few different things to see already, with plenty more to come.

There’s a large crop field with a windmill, a spooky cemetery, Spawn Island Map, a lighthouse, and an Auction House. Here’s where you’ll be able to put an item up for silent auction. The Auction House will also be home to the gate to the new Trade Island.

Head Games Season 2 is also being planned for January 2021, Nether Portals have been turned on, and we now have an easy way to find a nice secluded spot on NewSurvival with a new command – /rtp. This will randomly teleport you to somewhere in the world.

The Lobby world has also changed ever so slightly – the inventory you’ll see in the Lobby world will now be the same inventory as NewSurvival, so the Post Office can be used with the new world.

New Plugins

Lastly, we unfortunately had to say goodbye to Parkour and Skyblock, as they weren’t playing well with others. In their place we’ll be adding a new minigame called Village Defense. It should be a whole lot of fun!

Survival Reset Update: New Survival Worlds – No Reset!

Yep, that’s right! There were a number of players who expressed their dismay at losing their worlds, as some of you were rather new, so we will be changing the plan.

A new Survival system will be created. That means a new Overworld, Nether and End. This will be completely separate from the current system.

Here’s the updated version of what you need to know

  • The NewSurvival maps will be made available during Week 1, Term 4, 2020.
  • The existing Survival, Nether and End worlds will be left as they are.
  • The NewSurvival System will have a separate inventory.
  • The current Trade Island will be left alone. A NewTrade Island will be created on the NewSurvival Overworld.
  • Balances will stay. These will not be reset.
  • NewSurvival and NewNether will have worldborders added to them, and will be preloaded – this will mean some server down time, but will also mean less lag in the future.
  • The current versions of Spleef, the Dwarven Maze and the Head Games HQ will remain where they are.
  • A new Maze, Spleef and Head Games season will be planned for NewSurvival in the near future!
  • A new command will be added – /tpr. This will allow you to teleport to a random location in NewSurvival only.
  • Vanilla Nether Portals will work again too!

There’s heaps for the team to do, so please be patient with us. It’s going to be a lot of fun!