LibraryCraft & BedWars!

After so many requests (seriously, so many) LibraryCraft now has a BedWars world! We decided to get rid of the Racing world in order to make room for it – we may bring it back one day, but if we do, it won’t be for a while.

The BedWars map is set in a Western style desert town and can take 4 teams with a maximum of 2 players in each team. Each team (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow) have a bronze resource spawner, with the smaller islands in front containing an iron resource spawner. The centre island has a few gold resource spawners.

If you’ve never played BedWars before, it’s essentially capture the flag and PVP all rolled into one. Protect your bed while trying to destroy other team beds. If your bed still stands, then when you die you can respawn. No bed means no respawn and the game is over!

Inside each team base is a shop (the villager). The resource spawners are the in game currency – use these to get some nice powerups and things to help! Wool to get across the void, arrow deflects, potions, armour, swords, even an exploding sheep!

When you head to the gate you’ll spawn on a platform above the arena. Click the left sign to join the game (it may say Disabled but this is a current bug – click it anyway) and then choose a team by clicking an armour stand. If you don’t choose a team, one will be chosen for you.

You can also see your individual statistics on the hologram on the island. A player kill will give you $5 and a win will give you $50. These may be increased later.

If you have questions about the game, either ask in Discord or in game!

Custom Heads Now Available!

You asked, we delivered. Thanks to the existing CustomHeads plugin, players are now able to purchase from a huge range of decorative heads, using in-game balances.

These include:

  • Mobs (in game and many more)
  • Food
  • Letters and Numbers
  • Colours
  • Game Blocks
  • Characters
  • Emojis
  • Interior decorations
  • Devices
  • Games
  • Pokemon
  • Any LibraryCraft player’s head!

Most items will cost $50, with Pokemon costing $200, Letters and Numbers $50 – $75, Colours at $10, and LibraryCraft player heads $1000 on demand from JohnsanGeezo.

To access the range, use the command:


To see a selection of items, visit the new display building on the Lobby world, next to Parkour.

New Lobby World!

Thanks to a previous map by The Atlas Team over at Planet Minecraft, we’ve now got a new server lobby world! There’s two main floating islands – one for spawn and instructions, and one for our new trade hall, as well as some other islands and a massive flying ship that holds our warp gates.

New players spawn at the beacon, within reach of a few information posters. The house closest to the beacon has the gate to the ship, which holds all the other gates to various worlds. Parkour is now based out of another house, and the hot air balloon is the link to the bottom island. Walk towards it…

…and you’ll be transported to the massive Trade Hall, the home of player shops.

There’s warps a plenty, including two to the PVP and Spleef islands, for a bit of minigame fun.