Custom Heads Now Available!

You asked, we delivered. Thanks to the existing CustomHeads plugin, players are now able to purchase from a huge range of decorative heads, using in-game balances.

These include:

  • Mobs (in game and many more)
  • Food
  • Letters and Numbers
  • Colours
  • Game Blocks
  • Characters
  • Emojis
  • Interior decorations
  • Devices
  • Games
  • Pokemon
  • Any LibraryCraft player’s head!

Most items will cost $50, with Pokemon costing $200, Letters and Numbers $50 – $75, Colours at $10, and LibraryCraft player heads $1000 on demand from JohnsanGeezo.

To access the range, use the command:


To see a selection of items, visit the new display building on the Lobby world, next to Parkour.