Survival Build Competition – Results

After around five months of building, the Survival Build Competition has come to a close. Builders were asked to build a house and at least one farm in Survival mode, with items gathered from the main Survival map and bought from the server shop. We’ve seen some incredible builds, and here’s the top three and some honourable mentions, just like always.

1st Place: Xx_Aidan_xX

After months of collecting items and stocking up, Aidan finally created this stunning modern style house, complete with swimming pool. It’s beautiful.

2nd Place: _xXDedukKingXx_

In his standard ‘go tall’ style, King reached for the skies once again with this incredibly detailed and unique build.

3rd Place: EvaLPS

Lastly, Eva went back to the farm with animals and colour galore.

Honourable Mentions

Here are the entries that scored votes but didn’t quite get there.

Tapukoko888 designed this interesting house with some really nice landscaping.

Tapufini888 went with a big treehouse, but unfortunately left out a farm with crops or animals! This was an impressive build.

_ghost5 went with a multi-story build and enclosed farming area. This looked really cool.

Lastly, FreoCraft2 built this really cool series of buildings.

Congratulations to everyone who entered! I’ll be in touch with the winners this week. Some JB HiFi vouchers are on John’s desk with your names on them!

For those of you that have still got builds on the world and want to get them moved to the Survival World, get in touch with JohnsanGeezo as soon as you can. The world has been closed, but John still has access. In order to move them, he will need coordinates of where to move them, and enough clear, flat space to move them to.