September Build Competition – Space

We’re almost at the end of one of our biggest monthly competitions with August’s Underwater Base builds! It’s been brilliant working with the WA Maritime Museum, and getting all of your questions. You’ve come up with some great ones! We’re really excited to get the responses back.

Next month we’ll be getting back to our normal monthly competitions, with Space!

This one is going to be fun! We’ve got a special space world ready to go with rectangular plots all ready. The plots are 50 wide, 50 tall and 100 long, so there’s plenty of room. Like with August, we’re using our new method of competition claims.

Click the sign on the bottom corner of each plot to claim it. It will cost you $5. Please don’t remove the corner blocks or the sign! The central glass blocks can be used to start your builds.

It doesn’t have to be spaceships! If it’s space related, it’ll work – go full science fiction.


  • All building must be in Creative Mode
  • This is a Single Player Competition – Team builds are not allowed
  • Builders can claim ONE plot only
  • All entries must be built on the September Comp world
  • Designs must be your own – no copying from online!

Judging will take place during the first week of October. The September Comp world gate – located on the Warp Ship – will replace the August gate which will close to building at 9pm on Monday August 31st.

The gate will open on the Warp Ship on the morning of September 1st, so get planning and designing now – you’ll only have a month to build.