November Creative Competition – Results

The November Sea Monsters competition is done. Time for the results! There were some more really spectacular entries this month.

1st Place: JtripleM

Three in a row! This time around JtripleM has created a monstrous kraken emerging from the ocean. It’s pretty spectacular!

2nd Place: DexterouzDingo

He’s back! Dex has returned from a bit of school focus time (well done mate) to build a massive dragon/octopus hybrid getting into a sailing ship. In classic Dex style, it’s massive…

3rd Place: Countdodododo

Count has done it! Top three! After a few times of being very close, he’s made the top three with a brilliant build of Poseidon battling a huge sea serpent in a storm. It’s brilliant!

Well done to all of our winners! Your prizes will be added to your accounts. We also had a number of entries that got votes, but didn’t quite get there. Here they are…