February Build Competition – Free Build

I can’t believe January 2021 is almost done! It’s time to announce the next competition. Get those January Superhero and Supervillain bases finished…

February should be a fun one. We’re going themeless in February, with Free Build! That’s right, you can build anything you like (within the server rules of course…). I think this one may be one that mixes things up a little.


  • All building must be in Creative Mode
  • This is a Single Player Competition – Team builds are not allowed
  • Builders can claim ONE plot only
  • All entries must be built on the February Comp world
  • Designs must be your own – no copying from online!

Judging will take place during the first week of March 2021. The February Comp world gate – located on the Warp Ship – will replace the January gate which will close to building at 9pm on Sunday January 31st.

The gate will open on the Warp Ship on the morning of February 1st, so have a think about what you want to build.