New Features coming to LibraryCraft

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been going through the feedback from our recent annual survey. There’s been a lot! Thanks to all of our players and parents that submitted feedback, and congratulations to xdboonana, _pluto_9 and Albuman for scoring a $50 JB HiFi voucher!

We’ve set up a space on the New Survival spawn island with large posters of all our feedback. There’s also an opportunity for you to provide more feedback to our responses, with some books and quills and a chest. We want to know what you think! The feedback has also been posted to Discord, for more chances to talk to the team.

On to the changes! In addition to setting up some team challenges, survival structures and hopefully some more minigame maps, there’s two big changes that we’ll be implementing soon.

New Roles

We’ll be adding a new Mentor role in both Discord and in game, for the players that are awesome at helping people and showing new players around. This one is currently being set up and requirements figured out, but we think it will be an excellent way to help new players out. Stay tuned in game on /news and in Discord to find out what the requirements will be.

We’ve also added the Projects role and some pronoun reaction roles to the Discord too. The Projects role will be given to those players that currently have the Projects rank in Discord.

PVP Survival

The biggest change we’ll be implementing is the addition of a new PVP Survival World! Here’s the plan.

  1. We remove The Broken Sky – not everyone plays on it, and out of all the Survival play so far, TBS accounts for only 0.5% of it.
  2. We also remove Laketown PVP.
  3. We replace them with a custom Survival world of around 3000 x 3000 blocks, which is open to PVP.
  4. Claims will not be allowed on this world.
  5. Dynmap will be turned off for this world.
  6. The world is a separate inventory, and enderchests will also not be allowed.
  7. Graves will be turned off.
  8. While PVP will be allowed, ALL other rules will still be in play. No TNT, no cheats, showing respect etc.
  9. You’ll be allowed to loot items from people’s chests, so hide them well!
  10. No griefing will be allowed on this world. No destroying bases for the fun of it. You can make a two block hole to get into someone’s base, but that’s it.
  11. The world will only last for a term plus school holidays, then it gets deleted.
  12. The world will be OPT IN ONLY. If you come to the PVP Survival world, you understand that you may be killed on sight. No coming to check it out and ask for stuff back. A protected spawn island will be set up, where PVP will not be turned on.
  13. The Nether and the End won’t appear. Instead, loot crates will appear with some gear in them.
  14. Players can (and are encouraged to) form alliances.

The biggest takeaway from this is that this is not an anarchy world. Rules will definitely still apply. If players break the rules in the world, they will face the penalties. Below is an image of what the spawn island in this world will be in it’s unbuilt form. We’re getting close to opening this world up!

We’re excited to find out what you think!