We’re updating to 1.17.1!

Ok, the plugins are pretty much ready to go, it’s time to schedule this update to 1.17.1! There’s a few things to do, so it will happen in stages over the next week or so. Here’s what has already happened!

  1. The new Trade Hall on NewSurvival Trade Island has been built and set up! At the moment this is still empty. Once the shop systems have been swapped over, the Trade Hall will be open for business. Thanks to the awesome crew of players for building this. It looks incredible!
  2. The Richest Players list has been removed
  3. Referral Bonuses, more /sethomes and player heads have been changed from in game currency to diamonds.

Here’s what still needs to happen:

  1. The current ChestShop and /shop plugins will be removed.
  2. The Diamond Bank and Shopkeepers will be installed and set up for use.
  3. Posters will be created to help players with the new systems.
  4. All existing balances will be wiped.
  5. Plugins and datapacks will be updated and tested.
  6. The NewSurvival worldborder will be expanded from 5000 sq blocks to 7500 sq blocks.
  7. The new area will be preloaded to reduce lag.

The easy stuff like posters will happen Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th August, and I’ll be slowly updating the plugins as well. Without the main 1.17.1 update though, players shouldn’t notice a difference. It’s when I start swapping the economy systems over – then you should notice a bit of a difference.

Changing the economy systems over means that other things will be impacted too – mainly buying plots in competitions, and post office plots too. This needs to change from the currency costs to diamonds. I’ll be doing a bit of testing first (probably Thursday 12th and Friday 13th), now that the plugin is ready. Once I’m happy with it, I’ll wipe the balances, swap out the economy systems and I’ll send a message to everyone with what needs to happen. This will probably happen on Monday 16th.

After that’s bedded in, the big stuff will happen – firstly, the whitelist will be temporarily cleared, so only I can access it. This will all happen during school hours, so it shouldn’t impact many. The server will be updated to 1.17.1, I’ll test the plugins again, then I’ll expand NewSurvival, preload it, then re-add the whitelist and away we go! The new adminshops with the 1.17.1 gear that can’t be obtained naturally will also be added. I’m guessing this will happen on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th.

If you’re wondering why remove the whitelist, it’s so I can control the test environment. It’s also mainly for the preload – when this is happening, it takes the sole focus of the server, so players will feel some lag. It’s usually done after a few hours.

As you can tell, there’s a fair bit to do, and I want to thank you all for being so patient while we wait just a little bit longer. To sum up those dates:

Wednesday 11th August: Posters and Plugins
Thursday 12th: Plugins and economy changeover testing
Friday 13th: Economy changeover testing
Monday 16th: Economy Changeover
Wednesday 18th: 1.17.1 Update, NewSurvival Expansion
Thursday 19th: 1.17.1 Admin Shops

All things going well, that’s the plan. Hopefully things don’t change again!