Skyblock is Back!

That’s right – Skyblock is back! We’re using a different plugin now – IridiumSkyblock, and it seems to work well, with a few tweaks here and there. We’re using a separate plugin to manage the missions, called Quests. It means we can set custom quests for the minigame (and incorporate it into Survival if we want to as well!).

Here’s what you need to know.

When you get to the Minigames Server, enter /island. This will generate an island for you – it looks like the picture above. If you don’t get teleported there straight away, enter /is and the following menu will appear.

There’s a few different things to choose from. Here are the important ones:
  • Grass block: Regenerate island. This will reset your island so you can start again. It won’t reset your inventory, so you’ll need to do the right thing and empty your inventory too.
  • Bed: Home. If you’re in the Minigames Lobby, this is the way you can get to your island. You can also set a /pwarp so you can go there from anywhere in the Network.
  • Head: Members. You can add members to your island using /is invite.
  • End portal block: Warps. You can set warps to your island for others to use. Only will work in the Minigames server.
  • Diamond: Upgrades. This will allow you to spend your hard earned mission rewards on upgrades. They’re expensive, so get ready for a good old fashioned Skyblock grind. Upgrades include a bigger island (it moves the worldborders out), more members, an increased blocklimit, more warps, and a better cobblegenerator. The cobblegen automatically gives ores on occasion.
  • Sword: Missions. Automatically starting missions that give out rewards! More on missions below.
  • Enchanting Bottle: Boosters. Farming, XP and flight boosters. These are temporary, but useful.
  • Beacon: Border. Change the border colour.
  • Coin bag: Bank. See how much money you have. We don’t use crystals or experience. More on the bank below too.
  • Book: Permissions. Give different permissions to different levels of members in your island.


There are a few select missions available, some you can do every 24 hours. To access the missions, use /is missions. This will bring up the missions you can do.

Some will be Daily missions. These you can do every 24 hours. To see your progress, use /is missions. It’ll give you a progress report.

Once a mission has been completed, you’ll get a reward. To claim it, use /is rewards.

The Nether and the End are currently turned off for Skyblock.

Other commands

There’s a few other commands to know:

  • /is shop – Opens the island shop. You can buy blocks and items, but they’re not cheap.
  • /is top – shows the top islands.
  • /is value – Shows your island’s value. Still trying to figure out how it’s calculated!

If you have questions or think something is wrong, ask in Discord or in game!