Meet the Players – 2K__

How long have you been playing Minecraft?

I first started playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360 edition at some point in late 2012 or early/mid 2013, later in 2014 I got the Java version of the game.

2 years later in 2016 I moved to the Windows 10 edition beta (now known as the Bedrock edition) of the game due to Java edition’s poor performance on my old PC (this was before I had discovered the Optifine mod).

Nowadays I play either Java edition or the Xbox 360 edition.

What made you start playing Minecraft?

The blocky graphics made me like the game for some reason. The Youtubers back then (Stampy, Squid, DanTDM and etc.) also made me play the game a lot.

What type of Minecraft player are you?

We’ll use the following list – based off Mumbo Jumbo’s video – 20 Different Types of Minecraft Player, with a couple of modifications.

  • The Gadget Guy (loves making little redstone contraptions around their base to make life easier)
  • The Resource Hoarder (everything gets stored in piles and piles of chests, even if they don’t need them)
  • The Monument Builder (they always have to have the biggest build on the server)
  • The Autofarmer (farms have to have pistons, daylight detectors, the works)
  • The Explorer (no set base, everything they have is in their inventory. They just walk)
  • The Subterranean Hermits (their entire base must be underground)
  • The Artist (all the pixel art!)
  • The Competitors (minigames is their jam – PvP, Spleef, Parkour, all that)
  • The Code Wizards (whether it’s command blocks or crazy complex redstone)
  • The Mod Fans (Vanilla Minecraft? Nah – bring on the mods and plugins)
  • The Medieval Builders (villages, ships, the lot)
  • The Modern Architect (modern houses, modern resource packs, lots of concrete)
  • The Challenge Fan (Skyblock, Survival SuperFlat, Hardcore Mode – bring on the challenges)
  • The Long Gamers (using the same world since 1.8 or before – such dedication)
  • The Minimalist (a simple house and a few farms will do fine)

I find myself to be a Explorer most of the time when I do Survival, I also tend to be a Minimalist as well, which is why my bases always turn out to be awful. I can also be a Mod fan at times. I almost became an Autofarmer once, but the farming rules came on the exact same day that I was about to make an auto-farm.

Do you start a world the same way every time, or mix it up?

Normally I start a world the same way, get some wood, get more wood, forget to make bed and wait for the night to end, then make a (awful) base.

What’s your favourite ever build you’ve created?

MSo far my favourite build isn’t fully finished, similarly to collie’s. It is a recreation of Stampy’s Lovely World. It uses the original world seed, which had to be obtained by using it on a emulated copy of Minecraft 360’s TU0 version.

It is also one of the first builds I’ve done which I didn’t lose interest in after 2 minutes.

How many times have you beaten the EnderDragon?

It depends – in LibraryCraft I have helped defeat an Enderdragon, but as CountDoDoDoDo stated a while back it probably doesn’t count as I had /back and etc. I have defeated the dragon around 100 times in creative mode, but in survival mode I am yet to defeat her.

What does your LC base look like? What are some of it’s features?

To be honest, my base is probably the simplest base on the server. I never really use my base so that is why – the exterior is very small and basic with 2 crafting tables, the one on the left was for when I was building it, the one on the right… Well, I don’t remember why that one was even there…

The interior is also pretty small, with a smelting room at the back. Sometimes I find that it is still smelting the stack of iron blocks that I might have put in it the week before.

What’s your favourite block?

My favourite block is the oak planks block. I find it very useful for building and crafting, it is what I normally use to make bases. I also like the other kinds of wood… except Acacia wood, I find it ugly.

How about your favourite mob?

I always find myself very fond of sheep, I think they’re cute and fluffy.

What’s your favourite thing to do in LibraryCraft?

Hanging out with the community is one thing I like to do, turning on shaders and seeing how much the look of a build changes is another.