School Holiday Pairs Creative Competition Results

We’re well and truly into Term 4 now, and we’ve seen a lot of action on the Pairs Creative Competition World over the break! After a week of deliberation, here are the results!

1st Place: _f0rk & _pluto_9

There is so much in this build, and it’s so much fun to walk through! It just keeps going up!

2nd Place: cramskii & __keq

Going high as well, this build has one of the most stunning trees I’ve ever seen. The hanging roots coming down are incredible.

3rd Place: Countdodododo & _Typed

The axolotl temple is great, but the tentacles and detail on the large glow squid is something else.

Honourable Mentions

These weren’t the only ones to get votes – here are some more!

Amori & seanblam

MattyBGamer & Strider_06

Grey_Wolf_Knight & Dragon_Gal

Imaginemode & Kursed7280084

A big congrats to all of our entrants! We’ll make sure to do this again. It was a lot of fun! Fork and Pluto, you have a $50 JB Hifi voucher each coming to you. I’ll be reaching out in Discord to arrange pickup.