February Creative Competition – Pixel Art

Time to try something a little different – in February we want to see your best Pixel Art!

The rules are in the image above, but you’ll still need this info!

It’s not just about the pixel art – we want to see how you frame it, and what’s around the art itself to complement the build. The build will be judged as a whole, but the pixel art should be the main focal point.

The February Comp world gate – located in the Creative Lobby – will replace the January gate which will close to building at 9pm on Monday January 31st.

The gate will open in the Creative Lobby on the morning of February 1st, so get planning and designing now – you’ll only have a month to build.

Season 1, 2022 Prizes

Time to chat prizes! We’ve loved seeing your guesses in Discord for what the Grand Prize will be. It’s great to see everyone so excited! Well, guess no more. Here’s what’s up for grabs!

Monthly Prizes

1st: 15 Emerald Points, 4 Diamond Blocks and 1 Mega Crate Key
2nd: 10 Emerald Points, 3 Diamond Blocks and 1 Mega Crate Key
3rd: 5 Emerald Points, 2 Diamond Blocks and 1 Mega Crate Key
Honourable Mentions (get a vote, but don’t get top 3): 1 Diamond Block

Pretty good so far? Note that these will be awarded in the most recent Survival World. Once we update, all in game rewards will be given in 1.18 Survival.

Mid-Season Prizes (Awarded in April, after the March competition)

1st: $25 JB HiFi Voucher
2nd: $10 JB HiFi Voucher
3rd: $10 JB HiFi Voucher

End of Season Prizes (Awarded in July)

1st: 1x Acer Predator 24.5″ LED Gaming Monitor
2nd: $100 JB HiFi Voucher
3rd: $50 JB HiFi Voucher

Pretty huge right? We’re very excited for this season. Bring it on!