February Pixel Art Competition Results

Two months down in 2022! Here’s the results for the February Pixel Art competition. Also, as a reminder, this year we’ve changed up the monthly prizes:

1st: 4 Diamond Blocks & 1 Mega Crate Key
2nd: 3 Diamond Blocks & 1 Mega Crate Key
3rd: 2 Diamond Blocks & 1 Mega Crate Key
Honourable mentions (get at least 1 vote): 1 Diamond Block

On to the results!

1st Place: toothless_spy

In an almost unanimous vote, toothless_spy has absolutely dominated this month’s competition with this phenomenal PacMan arcade game! It’s even got a power cord!

2nd Place: YanaBananaa

YanaBananaa decided to make a little art gallery! This was simple, but very nicely done, and a good interpretation of what the competition asked for. The Among Us image was also really well done!

3rd Place: Meowlicky

Meow changed it up a little, going with some 3D pixel art of Mario chasing a coin! This was just brilliant!

Honourable Mentions

We have three honourable mention this round, with players scoring some votes, but not enough to make the podium finish. They each get a diamond block.




Well done to all our entries! On to March, and your modern homes!