September’s Player of the Month is…

It’s time to announce the Player of the Month for September! It’s special as it’s our first round of POTM and we had 13 nominations! Thanks to everyone who nominated someone. It’s great to see the positivity! We’ll go through all the nominations (not saying who the nominator was) and then announce the winner. Some you’ll be able to guess, but others are a mystery, which is great!


  • Because they have been helpful and really nice, they also help new players.


  • She’s awesome and she’s the queen. She demands respect, also she’s an epic builder and really nice and snazzy – she deserves it ❤
  • They are such a good player. I think that they deserve to have this credited to their name and they were such a help to me when I joined 🙂


  • They are always funny and nice plus they always find the time to read my story.
  • Very important, nice player. Nice role model for others. They are great.
  • He’s always been active on the server and is extremely nice to everyone.


  • They have been really helpful with things around the server and also really active.
  • Really funny and very helpful during the railway build.


  • Cramskii is such a nice and supportive player. I am honestly surprised they aren’t a mentor. They are always so kind to all the players on the server and they have really helped me and so many others on this server. This is why I think Cramskii really deserves to be POTM.


  • Squid has been really nice this month, especially with me settling in to live with him in my new base at Squid Bay. He provided me extra resources to build my base and is all round really nice and fun. Even though he is used to 1.8 PVP, he still plays PVP with me in LC often and it’s a lot of fun. That’s why I think Squid should be POTM.


  • This person helped me when I first joined the server and taught me the rungs to play LibraryCraft, explaining how to use portals and the competitions that went on all in an understandable way.


  • Eve is so kind and so creative. She is so nice to be around and play with. I remember the first time that I played Bedwars with her and she knocked me off a bridge. She was so sorry that she gathered all the wool that she could find and made a huge “sorry” sign in the main island 🙂


  • Because when I was desperate for food Kisney gave me free food.

And the winner is CountDoDo! Congratulations Count, and well done to everyone nominated! It’s been such a pleasure reading all the nominations. Count will get a special rank in the server for a month, with [POTM] visible after his username, a POTM role in Discord, and two Mega Crate keys to spend in 118Survival!

Nominations are now open for next month. We’d love to see some of these happening again!