The Return of the Treasure Hunt!

This school holidays we’ve added a twist to the LC Treasure Hunt.

Find yourself a buddy because this round is partnered!

We thought what better opportunity to get everyone involved and have a server-wide competition that everyone can get involved in. It’s also a brand new hunt created by Kisney! All you seasoned players (you know who you are) – introduce yourself to a newbie and make a team. Want to name your team? Sure, go for it! You know we love to see you get creative…


On completion, each team member will receive:

  • A custom pirate hat
  • 2 Diamond Blocks, and
  • 2 Mega Crate Keys

Rules of Entry:

  • Team Registration must be sent in advance to JohnsanGeezo via in game mail.
  • Teams must consist of 1 seasoned player and 1 newbie. No exceptions.
  • Starting point is at Treasure Island on the Survival Spawn World where you’ll find all the extra info.
  • The Hunt will be available for the entirety of Term 4 and the Christmas School Holidays, so registrations can happen any time during this time.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Registrations for the Treasure Hunt commence Monday 3 October, with the competition kicking off during Term 4.
  2. Players will need to submit a written book with all clue locations and code words for each clue to JohnsanGeezo’s mailbox at his 119 Base (public pwarp available).
  3. All clues must be done by BOTH members of the team.
  4. Some clues may require you to use the internet.
  5. Seasoned Players‘ are defined as ‘players that joined LibraryCraft BEFORE the 1.18 server upgrade.
  6. Newbie Players‘ are defined as ‘players that have joined LibraryCraft AFTER the 1.18 server upgrade.
  7. If you are having trouble creating a team, submit a ticket in Discord and the Mods will help.
  8. As the competition relies on a team effort, screenshots may be requested by the Mods to ensure a fair distribution of team work, so make sure you take them!
  9. Teams can ask for a Discord channel to discuss all aspects of their competition with each other. If you do not have Discord we recommend downloading it prior to the commencement of the competition. The invite link is available in the server using /discord.
  10. All information about the competition will be available via the website, the sign at Treasure Hunt gate, in Discord and across the server.
  11. Read all instructions about teams, registration and competition rules carefully.