September Colour Competition Results

Here are the winners for September’s Colours competition, where we asked players to build something using two colours! It was a fun one to check out!

1st Place: Meowlicky

Meow has secured his first win with a cracking piano! I love this build – so cool! Well done Meow!

2nd Place: YanMan__

The first to use a veto, where if you don’t like the theme you can veto it (once per season) and do something else, YanMan has got second place with this stunning rainbow falling into a pot. I love that it’s still based on colour! Very clever. He’s called this one the Pot of Integrity

3rd Place: TYP3D

TYP3D decided to take inspiration from a famous Japanese print – The Great Wave off Kanagawa, using some really clever texturing in blue. This one was great to watch rise from the surface. Well done Typed!

Honourable Mentions

We have five honourable mention this round, with players scoring some votes, but not enough to make the podium finish. They get a diamond block each, now in 119Survival!






Well done to all our entries! Prizes will be delivered very soon.

The October Halloween builds are looking incredible. We can’t wait to see what else is to come!