December & Emerald Points Season 2 2022 Results

And just like that we’re in to 2023! It’s time to announce the winners for December and the whole Emerald Points Season 2 2022 competition.

December first though – we challenged our players with a Christmas Carol build theme.

1st Place: Strawfolk

For his second win, Straw went with O Christmas Tree, creating this beautiful, detailed street scene! Congratulations Straw!

2nd Place: toothless_spy

Toothless went with Aussie Jingle Bells, and even went with a full music set up underneath that played the tune. Nice work!

3rd Place: RubyBird12

It’s another O Christmas Tree build, this time by Ruby in a snowglobe! Lots of detail and colour in this one.

Honourable Mentions

We have three honourable mention this round, with players scoring some votes, but not enough to make the podium finish. They each get a diamond block! The feedback from the mods and judges was that this one was a really tough round to judge, so well done all!



RatherQuenched (Used a Veto)

Well done to all our entries! Prizes will be delivered in the coming week.

Emerald Points Season 2 2022 Results

On to the big one – Season 2 2022 results! Here’s the final ladder. We had some last minute top three changes!

  1. toothless_spy – 40 pts
  2. Strawfolk – 30 pts
  3. GalaxyOcean- 25 pts
  4. Meowlicky – 20 pts
  5. cramskii – 15 pts
  6. RubyBird12 – 10 pts
  7. quipp – 10 pts
  8. ScrpMtlAlchemist -10 pts
  9. YanMan_ – 10 pts
  10. TYP3D – 5 pts

Huge! Toothless takes home $350 worth of LEGO, Strawfolk gets a $100 JB HiFi voucher, and GalaxyOcean gets a $50 JB HiFi voucher. We’re so excited for Season 1, 2023. Bring it on! I’ll be in touch with the Season 2 winners to arrange prize collection.