New PVP Map – Magical Oasis!

It’s been a while, but we’ve got a brand new PVP map! A map concept originally by Meowlicky, it was taken over by RubyBird12 with some assistance from CountDoDo pretty early on and has transformed into the image above – a perfectly named Magical Oasis!

The map has been added to the HungerGames setup as a PVP option for a maximum of four players. There’s loads of hidey holes, as well as open spaces to run and cramped spots for a close quarters battle. This will be a fun one, as the entire island is also hollow, to allow for some cave battles too.

Well done to the team for building this great map!

Do you have an idea for a big creative project? Need a map for it? Project worlds can be made available for you in the Creative Server. Project worlds are limited to the project team and the mod team, and you’ll need to submit a written book to Johnsan’s current main Survival base with the following information:

  • What is the project? What’s it for, the name, what it will look like etc.
  • An idea of the size and layout, so we can create a worldborder to fit.
  • What surface you need – void, superflat, water, whatever. We won’t upload custom worlds from players. We can create a world for you instead.
  • If you have Discord we can set up a channel for your team, so the mods can assist and provide advice where needed.
  • A schedule of work – how long it will take, what will happen each week etc. If a project hasn’t had any progress for a period of time, we may decide to remove the map from the server.

If you have questions about Project worlds, feel free to get in touch! Have fun in the Magical Oasis!