OneBlock is here!

We’ve got another minigame added to the server and it’s a variation on possibly the most requested minigame on LC – OneBlock!

What’s OneBlock? Similar to Skyblock, you start on a single block floating in the sky. As you mine that block, it reappears as something different. As you level up (by breaking the block again and again), new items will be included. Be warned though, mobs will appear too, and some will be hostile!

To create a new island, use /ob join in the Minigames Lobby. This will place you on a small island, like the one pictured above. Yep, we realise it’s not just a single block, but this is still not bad. The centre block (the OneBlock) is the magic one that will reappear. If you mine the others around it, they’ll drop as normal but won’t reappear, so be careful!

Some commands and things to know about this gamemode:

  • /ob join to start your first island or go back to it from another world in the Minigames server.
  • /ob IDreset to clear your island. Then use /ob join to start a new one.
  • If you die in the void, you will lose your items. There’s no graves in this world!
  • Use /ob invite [username] to invite that player to play with you. NOTE: This will mean they LOSE their island. Players can’t have their own island AND play with someone else.
  • If you just want to visit, use /tpa.
  • Be careful with letting others on to your island – they will be able to interact with chests and break items. There are no claims on this world. Only let players on that you trust.
  • There is no Nether or End in this game, as it’s not needed! Nether and End blocks will appear as a late game level. Nether Portals won’t go anywhere, so don’t waste your obsidian.

If you have questions, ask in Discord or in game! Enjoy!