LCBBS Round 2 – The Bases and the Swaps

We had another great response to the LibraryCraft Big Base Swap, with 9 bases submitted. Before getting in to the bases and the swaps, a few little rules, in addition to the ones in the post linked before.

  • All players involved will get a /mail from JohnsanGeezo with your new base coordinates, and who the previous owner was (in case you didn’t see it here).
  • Claims will be transferred by JohnsanGeezo. No need to change them.
  • Remember, this is for modification of bases, not destruction.
  • The items you take from your new chests are only to be used to modify the base, not to stock yourself up, or to be sold. Treat your new base as you’d like someone to treat your old one.
  • When the claims are transferred, all existing trusted players will be temporarily removed. In order to maintain security (new owners don’t necessarily know who should be trusted), no other player apart from the new owner will be given trust access at any level. Please do not ask to be trusted in a base that is currently a part of the LCBBS. The new owners will say no. Once the swap goes back, trust goes back under the control of the original owner.
  • You will not have any access to your old base. You also can’t ask for temporary access, just for a second. Try not to use your /pwarp commands to get back there – have a bit of fun and trust the new owner! Surprises can be exciting.

Ok on to the bases that were submitted! Bring on some photos…










Time for the swaps! Because we have an odd number of participants, the list order has been randomised, and we’ll be rotating in a circle. So…

Smaug12345 takes Little445‘s base
Little445 takes CheetahWildcat‘s base
CheetahWildcat takes Grey_Wolf_Gamer‘s base
Grey_Wolf Gamer takes CountDoDo‘s base
CountDoDo takes RatherQuenched‘s base
RatherQuenched takes JohnsanGeezo‘s base
JohnsanGeezo takes RubyBird12‘s base
RubyBird12 takes Kisney‘s base
Kisney takes Smaug12345‘s base

Let the swaps begin! By the time you see this the claims will be swapped over and work can begin. You cannot ask to swap back for a whole month.

What you can do is talk to the original owner and see what they’d like you to do! You don’t need to follow their requests, but it might give you somewhere to start.

Have fun everyone!