LCBBS – The Bases and the Swaps

We had a very excited response to the LibraryCraft Big Base Swap, with 12 bases submitted. This is great, as it’s a clean six pairs. Before getting in to the bases and the swaps, a few little rules, in addition to the ones in the post linked before.

  • All players involved will get a /mail from John with your new base coordinates, and who the previous owner was (in case you didn’t see it here).
  • Claims will be transferred by me. No need to change them.
  • Remember, this is for modification of bases, not destruction.
  • The items you take from your new chests are only to be used to modify the base, not to stock yourself up, or to be sold. Treat your new base as you’d like someone to treat your old one.
  • When the claims are transferred, all existing trusted players will be temporarily removed. In order to maintain security (new owners don’t necessarily know who should be trusted), no other player apart from the new owner will be given trust access at any level. Please do not ask to be trusted in a base that is currently a part of the LCBBS. The new owners will say no. Once the swap goes back, trust goes back under the control of the original owner.
  • You will not have any access to your old base. You also can’t ask for temporary access, just for a second. Try not to use your /home commands to get back there – have a bit of fun and trust the new owner! Surprises can be exciting.

Ok on to the bases that were submitted! Bring on some photos…











JtripleM & CrazyCollie1205


Time for the swaps! By popular request, these were done randomly.

JtripleM & CrazyCollie1205 swap with Turtleboy2929
JohnsanGeezo swaps with Zashu
SuperHeroFlash swaps with Cram__
B4C0N swaps with Jish_Le_Fish
Cotal__ swaps with Lowkeq__
vinemon swaps with pokemon_boy2020

Let the swaps begin! By the time you see this the claims will be swapped over and work can begin. You cannot ask to swap back for a whole month. Have fun everyone!

Introducing the LCBBS!

The what? It’s the LibraryCraft Big Base Swap! To mix things up and see what can happen, we’re running an opt-in Big Base Swap. Players will be assigned a different existing base on NewSurvival to modify!

To be a part of the fun, simply place a named book into the chest that’s in the Old Auction House (now the LCBBS Building) at NewSurvival Spawn Island. The book must also include the coordinates of your base.

Here are some always-important rules:

  1. You are not being forced to do this! It’s only if you want to.
  2. No clearing out items from chests before you leave. You can only take tools, armour, netherite ingots elytra and rockets. Everything else must stay behind. Everything.
  3. If you have multiple bases, you must give up your best NewSurvival base.
  4. No destruction for destruction’s sake. Feel free to talk to the original owner to see the direction they wanted to take, but it’s also up to you if you want to do something different. Remember though – you are modifying bases, not completely rebuilding. No tearing down what’s there already.
  5. No swapping back straight away! You must have the new base for at least 1 month before asking to swap back. You can of course stay swapped for longer. Remember, be nice to each other.
  6. The draw will be chosen by John.
  7. Mods will be allowed to participate! You might get a mod’s base…
  8. Whatever you do not use during the swap must stay at the base! No blatant robbery.

The LCBBS is now open for entrants! Registrations will close at 9pm on Thursday 15th April. Your new base name (and location) will be in your mail the following morning. The deed to your new property (the book) will be in a chest at that base. Don’t lose it! You’ll need to swap them over again at the end.

New LibraryCraft Features

It’s been a busy few weeks in LibraryCraft, and the team is excited to announce a few new additions! We’re unfortunately still waiting on an update so that means our Bedrock players still can’t connect, but hopefully it’s not long now.

In the mean time, you’ll have some new features waiting for you when you come back.

New Player Shop System

Out with the old, in with the new! It’s now much easier to sell those items you have. Simply left click on an empty chest with the item you want to sell, enter a price for one item in the chat and hey presto, there’s your shop! You can even change the price easily.

Check out the video for an in depth look at the new Player Shop System. All of this is super important, as we also have a new Trade Island!

Trade Island

The Trade Hall has been closed and repurposed, with all player shops now being relocated to the new Trade Island! The gate for the Trade Island is available on the Warp Ship. We want excellent looking shops on the island (as they bring more customers), so plots will cost you $950.

In order to support the player shops, the Server Shop has been heavily modified. 95% of items are now not able to be purchased from the shop. If you want it, you’ll either have to buy it from a player, or get it the old fashioned way! Get enough and you can sell it and make some money.

Post Office

So what went in the old Trade Hall? Our new Post Office! For $250 you can purchase a Post Office box and have a place for all of your mail to go. Need to give a bunch of supplies to someone but they aren’t on? Put them in their PO Box! There’s even a light that turns on when you’ve got mail to collect.

Log back in and see what’s been going on! There’s plenty to do!

April Ship Competition – Results

It’s May 1st, which means the April Ship Competition is closed, and Treehouses in May has begun! Here’s the top three as voted by the moderators, and the rest of the completed builds. We had 12 entries, as well as a few fun ones from the moderators, which is great!

Each moderator chose their top three and submitted the votes to me. I then tallied them up and gave each vote a score – 15 points for a 1st choice vote, 10 points for 2nd, and 5 points for 3rd. The points were added up and three top points-scorers got the wins. It was very close!

1st Place: _xXDedukKingXx_

2nd Place: toothless_spy

3rd Place: IcyDragon27

Congratulations to our first three winners! You’ll get some in-game currency and our first ever Emerald Points!

Honourable Mentions

These players scored some votes, but missed out on the top spot, some by just a whisker!

XxAidanator07xX – The size of this one was massive! A very late entry too…
TapuKoko888 – we loved the extra detail put into this one – kelp on the seabed, and ominous black sails.
TapuFini888 – our first submarine!
Minxinspace – I love the red cross on the sail.

And here are the rest of the completed entries.

BubblesBudgie – another submarine!
CreepersSuk – loving that smoke out of the chimney
EvaLPS – a capsized boat with survivors! Very clever.
JJBonezZz – our only modern warship entry
KKyogre59 – our only entry with ‘working’ engines

A huge congratulations to everyone who entered. You can really build! We’re looking forward to the May entries. Bring on those treehouses!

Build Spotlight – Mushroom House

Check this out! FabClippers has created a huge mushroom house on the Survival World, and it’s phenomenal!

Rising out of a lake by the Survival Gate and absolutely dwarfing some jungle trees, this is Fab’s new home base, and it looks absolutely fantastic! I love the shaping of the dome in particular. Well done! If you’re in game, swing by and check it out.