The Curse of the Broken Language (+ HUGE Giveaway Raffle!)

A long time ago, back before the world existed, there was an all powerful god, Enderiel.

Enderiel, the dragon god, lived in a forgotten realm called the End. Wanting more from his existence, Enderiel brought the first world, known as the overworld, to life. A world full of trees, caves, lakes and oceans, mountains and more, teeming with life of all kinds.

Enderiel also had two sons, Biblos and Moberion. Biblos, the firstborn, and the god of knowledge and learning, was a kind and loving god. Showing love for his firstborn, Enderiel gave custody of the overworld to Biblos. Wanting to pass on his love of knowledge and learning to others, Biblos made sure there were many ways for the inhabitants and visitors to learn. Tool and weapon smithing, cooking, transport, farming, even rudimentary electronics. The first world, while primitive, was full of goodness.

Moberion, the god of chaos and destruction was not of a similar mind. Moberion thrived on desolation and despair, and this overworld, this veritable safe-haven of learning and beauty needed to change. In his realm, known by mortals as the Nether, experiments began. The first experiments, while simple, provided some interesting results. Stemming from the humble overworld pig, what came from them tended to be a mixture of results. Some accelerated the pig trait, causing the pig to be more like a large, angry boar, while others almost humanised them, but filled with more anger than normal. Moberion called these creatures hoglins and piglins. The interesting aspect was when these mobs (for that is what Moberion called his minions) were brought back to the overworld with the use of the magical and celestial portal system, they became undead, zombified.

After further experiments, Moberion seemingly perfected his mob army. Skeletons and zombies, two separate halves isolated from the zombified piglins, giant spiders – often a subject of fear for many overworld dwellers, and the four legged explosive abomination known as the creeper, being the lead variants in the mob army. Over time, these have grown into other variants. There are some chosen few followers of Moberion that are brought back to life after death as Wither Skeletons, with the chief underlings of these chosen few, turned into the feared and destructive Wither. These mobs wander the worlds aiming to destroy overworld dwellers in order to strengthen Moberion’s power.

Biblos saw how Moberion corrupted the overworld, and was furious. A war broke out between the two brothers, causing the overworld to shake and turn. Giant chasms formed in the world, leading from the surface to the depths below. Oceans bubbled, throwing up new lands, not seen before, each different to the last. The war has lasted for millennia, and still rages today.

Meanwhile, civilisations rose and fell. The first of these civilisations, known only as the Ancients, were the first to follow the three gods. The vast majority followed the teachings of Enderiel and Biblos.

The followers of Enderiel live on in the form of Endermen. Primarily living in the End with Enderiel, occasionally these tall, mysterious creatures will be seen in both the overworld and the Nether, as observers on behalf of Enderiel. Overworld dwellers know to take care around the revered Endermen, being mindful not to look directly at the emissaries of Enderiel, or face their wrath. For those overworlders that travel to the End (for it is possible, but not easy), they get the opportunity to face a part of Enderiel himself. Should you best this form of Enderiel – you wouldn’t stand a chance against his full form, he willingly gives up a part of his life force in a stunning display of power and light.

Not as much is known about the followers of Biblos, and where they go after they pass on. All we do know is the cities of the Ancients can ocassionally be found deep in the bowels of the overworld. Long destroyed after centuries of earth shaking tremors, the ruins of these mysterious civilisations sit in the silent darkness, with an enormous frame looming overhead. It is rumoured that these frames were the means of getting the floating temple realm of Biblos, but the way to open them has been lost to history. There are portals that still naturally form, however they also disappear at random, with no real way to predict it.

After the mysterious destruction of the Ancient Cities, Biblos set giant guardians in place to stop mere mortals from crossing the boundary between the overworld and the Temple. These Wardens, though blind, are the most feared creatures to walk the face of the overworld. Make too many noises in their Ancient City homes and they will rise from the ground to say hello, and that is definitely something you don’t want.

There are a few other mysterious realms aside from the overworld, and only a little is known about them. These realms seem to be focal points for the spawning of portals, known by the overworlders as lobbies. One of the lobbies has more regular portals, focusing more around worlds where overworlders are able to test their building skills with unlimited building supplies.

The other lobby world has been around since the days of the Ancients. These portals were set up as a gladiatorial style competition. It is said that the Ancients used these competitions as a way to see who the guardians of the gates were, before the days of the Wardens. A tournament of the ages, with the finest warriors from across the overworld competing to serve Biblos himself in a contest of strength, skill and determination. Modern day civilisations still follow these traditions with regular tournaments, as a way to honour those that came before.

As was said before, the war between Biblos and Moberion still rages to this day, and it has recently escalated again. Biblos gave the people the written word to use, but Moberion has recently corrupted this language with evil, with some language being turned into symbols. In order to restore the language, Biblos has set all overworld dwellers are task.

This task will not be easy, but the possible reward is massive. In order to assist you, Biblos has given the cipher to decode Moberion’s new alphabet, but this is also a good opportunity for him to see how the overworld dwellers perform.  Here is how it will work.

In one week’s time, seven (7) signs with the cipher will be scattered around the following locations:

  • Survival Lobby x2
  • Creative Lobby x2
  • Minigames Lobby x2
  • JohnsanGeezo’s base x1

One sign will be released each day between Friday 26 May and Thursday June 1. You will need each of the seven signs to decipher the clues.

On Monday June 5, three (3) signs each with a code will be hidden in the following locations:

  • 119Survival Spawn
  • Creative Lobby
  • Minigames Lobby

Use the ciphers to decode those three signs, then follow the instructions you find. All the information you need will be there.

You will have a maximum of five (5) entries to submit, to go into a random draw to win 1x $100 JB HiFi Voucher.

Entries will close on Sunday July 30th.

Biblos needs you. Will you answer the call?