The LC Create Modpack is getting tweaked!

UPDATE: It’s ready! The new modpack is available from the LC Create Player’s Guide. Enjoy the new additions!

If you’re trying to log in to the LC Create server today, you may find it offline – that’s because we’re in the process of updating it to add some new mods to enhance the experience.

We’re adding a couple of Create supportive mods and something a little different:

  • Create Crafts & Additions: adds a bridge between electricity and kinetic energy!
  • Create Deco: more decorative blocks specific for Create
  • Gliders: We’ve realised that finding elytra is much harder now, so we’ve added Gliders in to the mix to make it easier to at least glide down large drops. It’s a lot of fun with a very cool animation too.

We would have loved to include Create Slice & Dice for Farmer’s Delight compatibility, but there have been some issues with that mod, so we’ve had to leave it out.

All things going well the server will be back up and running by the end of the day! Stay tuned to this post – it’ll be updated when we’re good to go, and when the new modpack is available.