Player of the Month

Current Voting Period: 2 – 26 March

Players can now nominate another player for Player of the Month! It can be an act of kindness in the server, politeness, etiquette or something similar. Note that this is only applicable to actions in the server, not in Discord. To nominate someone, complete the form below!

Each month the mod team will get together to discuss the nominations and choose one. Mods can nominate players as well. Mod votes don’t carry extra weight, it’s just another vote.

Nominees will get announced in a blog post on the website, and the chosen Player of the Month will get POTM role in both the server and in Discord, plus two Mega Crate keys to use in the server.

Players of the Month

  • September 2022: CountDoDo
  • October 2022: ToastTheFroggy_
  • November 2022: ScrpMtlAlchemist
  • December 2022: CometCraft42
  • January 2023: Meowlicky
  • February 2023: RubyBird12
  • March 2023: FazerSheep99