Meet the Mods – JohnsanGeezo

Over the next few weeks we’ll be getting to know our moderator team, and their relationship with Minecraft. Let’s kick it off with me – JohnsanGeezo!

How long have you been playing Minecraft?

I started playing in 2009, in the Minecraft Classic days! Did you know you can play Minecraft Classic through a browser? It was very different…

Man, it was exciting in mid 2010 when doors were added! Such simple things.

What made you start playing Minecraft?

It was a friend of mine who said I should check it out – at the time he thought it had the potential to be pretty cool. It turns out he was definitely right! He sold the idea to me with a simple sentence:

If you can survive the first night, you’ll be hooked.

I survived and I’ve been playing ever since!

What type of Minecraft player are you?

In future interviews, we’ll be going off the following list based off Mumbo Jumbo’s video – 20 Different Types of Minecraft Player, with a couple of modifications.

  • The Gadget Guy (loves making little redstone contraptions around their base to make life easier)
  • The Resource Hoarder (everything gets stored in piles and piles of chests, even if they don’t need them)
  • The Monument Builder (they always have to have the biggest build on the server)
  • The Autofarmer (farms have to have pistons, daylight detectors, the works)
  • The Explorer (no set base, everything they have is in their inventory. They just walk)
  • The Subterranean Hermits (their entire base must be underground)
  • The Artist (all the pixel art!)
  • The Competitors (minigames is their jam – PvP, Spleef, Parkour, all that)
  • The Code Wizards (whether it’s command blocks or crazy complex redstone)
  • The Mod Fans (Vanilla Minecraft? Nah – bring on the mods and plugins)
  • The Medieval Builders (villages, ships, the lot)
  • The Modern Architect (modern houses, modern resource packs, lots of concrete)
  • The Challenge Fan (Skyblock, Survival SuperFlat, Hardcore Mode – bring on the challenges)
  • The Long Gamers (using the same world since 1.8 or before – such dedication)
  • The Minimalist (a simple house and a few farms will do fine)

That’s a serious question! I think I’d be a combination of a few of them. I can be a resource hoarder (not a problem now that LibraryCraft has trade and a server shop), I’m a bit of an explorer, and I do love an underground base. Mainly though, I’m a Minimalist. In LibraryCraft there’s always something to do, so I don’t get a lot of time to play survival!

Do you start a world the same way every time, or mix it up?

I’ve been playing the same way for years! A simple house made mostly of glass, with a balcony (so it has to be on a cliff edge or somewhere high), and a few underground rooms for storage and enchanting.

I rarely go to the Nether, and I’ve still not been to the End! I’m weird like that.

Have you beaten the EnderDragon before?

Nope, I’ve not been to the End!

What’s your favourite block?

I really like stone bricks – especially the mossy ones. A path mixed with mossy and cracked stone bricks just looks awesome.

How about your favourite mob?

Easy one – the bees! They’re cute and they produce honey – delicious!

Ever played in Hardcore? What’s your favourite game mode?

No way – I get too attached to my builds. If I died and lost my world, I’d be devastated! Normal Survival for me.