August Creative Competition – Results

It’s been a huge competition for August! National Science Week 2020 is long since over, and we’re in to the new September Space Competition. The votes have been tallied, including the all important votes from the WA Maritime Museum (that were worth double), and the results are in!

This is exciting, as it kicks off Emerald Points Season 2, 2020. It’s a fresh start! Let’s get stuck into the results. No screenshots this time – we’ve got a fancy video showcasing the winners, and a few honourable mentions!

This video will also be shown in the WA Maritime Museum in Perth!

First, the results! We had some truly amazing builds that all showed some real thought and research into how each base worked. Well done to everyone that submitted an entry! You should all be really proud of the work you did. Every build had something that was really clever.

1st Place: CramoisieStar

This base had a beautiful look and feel to it. It was uniform in style and had an excellent layout, as well as some brilliant scientific aspects to it – we loved the animal room!

2nd Place: zxw4

From the elevator down to the bottom of the ocean to the amazing entry dome featuring the new Nether trees, this was a really exciting build to walk around. The WAMM staff particularly loved the interpretation of Subastian – the ROV that was on the RV Falkor.

3rd Place: SpeedCat998

The detail in this build was exceptional! The submarine was excellent, and we were very impressed that power was thought about throughout the base, including using daylight sensors as solar panels.

Congratulations to our three winners! We’ll be in touch to sort out prize handovers.

Check out the video for the in game footage of our winners and some honourable mentions.