Introducing LibraryCraft NewSurvival and More!

That’s right – after a few weeks of lots of work, we now have a number of new changes to the server!

There’s a couple of new Lobby islands at spawn, two new Creative worlds, Project worlds, a reorganised Warp Ship, and of course NewSurvival, with it’s own new features!

Projects Lobby

Do you have an idea for a large scale project suitable for it’s own world? It could be a new minigame map, huge community build for players to explore, or even something for a school project! Head to the Projects Lobby and submit a written book with your idea. We’ll then get in touch with you with the next steps, if your idea is accepted.

Creative Lobby

LibraryCraft now has three different Creative worlds, all accessible from the new Creative Lobby. There’s now a Space Creative, with a gate by the Xwing (beautifully crafted by one of our players – JTripleM, a Metro District, with all builds planning on being moved to an area on NewSurvival, and of course the Super Flat Plots, with the gate underneath the unicorn by AriadneOMG.

There’s already been some beautiful builds to be seen in the Super Flat Plots world – this will prove to be very exciting to watch!

Warp Ship

The gates have been slightly moved around, but to stop any confusion, nice clear signs are now above each gate! Both OldSurvival and NewSurvival will have their own Nether and End gates on each world, instead of at the Warp Ship.

On to the main event!


NewSurvival is ready and has already seen a whole lot of action! When you go through the gate you’ll see a few buildings on an island. This island is the Spawn Island. It’s completely protected from building. There’s a few different things to see already, with plenty more to come.

There’s a large crop field with a windmill, a spooky cemetery, Spawn Island Map, a lighthouse, and an Auction House. Here’s where you’ll be able to put an item up for silent auction. The Auction House will also be home to the gate to the new Trade Island.

Head Games Season 2 is also being planned for January 2021, Nether Portals have been turned on, and we now have an easy way to find a nice secluded spot on NewSurvival with a new command – /rtp. This will randomly teleport you to somewhere in the world.

The Lobby world has also changed ever so slightly – the inventory you’ll see in the Lobby world will now be the same inventory as NewSurvival, so the Post Office can be used with the new world.

New Plugins

Lastly, we unfortunately had to say goodbye to Parkour and Skyblock, as they weren’t playing well with others. In their place we’ll be adding a new minigame called Village Defense. It should be a whole lot of fun!