October Creative Competition – Results

The October Amusement Park competition is complete, the votes are in and it’s results time! This month’s entries were just awesome – everyone should be really proud of their work. In the coming month or so we’ll be combining the builds to form a large Amusement Park for NewSurvival. It should be great!

1st Place: JTripleM

JTripleM has gone two for two! After a win in the September competition, he’s backed it up with another this month, creating a beautiful rollercoaster using the new warped oak from the Nether. It’s even got a loop! If only it could work for real…

2nd Place: CrazyCollie1205

CrazyCollie1205 created an absolutely stunning Bounty’s Revenge style swinging boat ride. The detail in this is just beautiful!

3rd Place: _frankie8

Frankie went with a brilliant looking Nether style build, complete with a rollercoaster, bouncy castle, water slide and food vendors!

Well done to all of our winners! Your prizes will be awarded when you are on next. We also had a number of entries that got votes, but didn’t quite get there. Stay tuned for when we finish the final Amusement Park!