Introducing The Broken Sky

We’ve had a few questions from players recently around what to do with their in game balances. I tasked the player group on Discord to come up with a solution, and a solution they have found! Introducing The Broken Sky…

The Broken Sky is a floating island world linked with NewSurvival (your inventories will carry across). There are three sizes of island – small, medium and large. These islands can be purchased with your in game cash, one per player.

Small: $50,000
Medium: $75,000
Large: $100,000


Now, you may be saying “that’s a lot of money!”. Well, you’d be correct. It is a lot of money, but there’s a lot of players that can currently afford it, and it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to save up, so it’s definitely within reach for everyone. How? Trade, sell, mine, farm, and sell some more. Items can either be sold to other players through the Trade Islands, or to the server using /shop.

This world is not like the other worlds though – there’s some specific rules.

  • One island per player
  • The world is permission based – you can only access the world if you have paid for an island
  • No claiming on this world at all – your island is pre-claimed. There are also other communal islands around (check out the video below). These are not to be claimed at all. Anything built on these worlds should be available to everyone, and not protected by a claim.
  • Gather resources on the NewSurvival world – there are resources on The Broken Sky, but try not to decimate the other islands.
  • If you fall off the edge of an island, you run the risk of not getting your items back. Each player gets two free passes to get their items back
    • If another player accidentally pushes you off
    • If you make a mistake and fall off
    • After that, you must pay $1000 to get your items back. Be careful! Only have on you what you need, or what you’re willing to lose. Think of this world as Skyblock. Don’t carry everything!
  • Feel free to create bridges between worlds, but we want to see some nice bridges! No dirt or cobble bridging. Make them look detailed.

We’re really excited about this world – it’s been fun already! It does take a bit of time to get in though – it’s dependent on permissions being allocated to your account, so it’s not instant. Please be patient! Check out the video above for a sneak peek of some of the other islands that can be found (using an elytra of course).

If there’s any questions about The Broken Sky, get in touch with us via email, in game, or through Discord. Happy exploring!