January Superhero/Supervillain Bases – Results

We’re already well into our second month of 2021, which means results time. We had some really exciting entries this month, showcasing your skills in building Superhero/Supervillain bases!

Here’s the top three, and some honourable mentions. What a great start to 2021!

1st Place: JtripleM

JtripleM is back at it again, with a spooky and intimidating skull rock shaped base surrounded by lava. The shaping is great, with loads of details inside – plenty to look at!

2nd Place: Countdodododo

Being a Star Wars fan, Count has recreated one of the ultimate bad guy’s lairs – Castle Vader. It’s intimidating, and there is some really clever storytelling all throughout the build, using armour stands and signs – there’s even lightsabers!

3rd Place: CrazyCollie1205

Collie has gone with a volcano mid explosion, but with some hidden details inside. When I say some, I mean heaps! There’s a rocket hidden in there. I wonder how many volcanoes actually contain evil lairs? Also, a great nod to Minecraft fan lore, with the bad guy being Herobrine.

Honourable Mentions

Another four builders scored votes this month, but didn’t quite get there in terms of points scored. It’s great to see some new names appearing!





Congratulations to all our winners and honourable mentions! I’ll send out the winnings in the coming week. I’m really looking forward to February’s Free Build challenge! We’ve got a lot of entries!