Introducing the Builder Rank

Exciting news! A new facet of the Emerald Points Competition has been included, and it’s big.

We’ve seen an absolute dominance in the monthly build competitions by one of our players recently – JtripleM, and so to ensure it’s not a repeat thing every month, but also to reward JtripleM for his hard work, we’re adding something new – the Builder rank!

Here’s how it will work. If any player scores four monthly wins (1st only, not 2nd or 3rd), they will be given the brand new Builder rank, both in Discord and in the server itself. Along with a snazzy new title, this gives the player a minor role as a part of the server team, plus a few other things:

  • Builders will be asked to create amazing new features in the server for players to explore.
  • They’ll be given limited (but still awesome) WorldEdit access in Creative worlds, with a 100,000 block change limit per change.
  • They’ll also be a regular judge in the monthly competitions, submitting their top three votes along side the moderators.

Obviously it means Builders wouldn’t be eligible to enter the Monthly Competitions any more, but you can still enjoy J’s monthly creations, as he’ll be invited to build the example build each month, right next to the spawn gate.

Also, builders will not have WorldEdit access on Survival worlds. There’s obviously still a few things to tweak and look into, but it should be really exciting! Congratulations to JtripleM, our first Builder rank!