February Free Build – Results

February has been wrapped up and it’s time for the votes! This month was a bit different, allowing players to build whatever they want in a Free Build theme. We saw a wide range of build styles…

Here’s the top three, and some honourable mentions.

1st Place: Countdodododo

He’s done it! Count gets the win with this beautiful looking Temple of the Mods. The quartz material looks stunning.

Inside there’s some murals of as many of the team as could fit. I love the hanging lanterns.

2nd Place: _B4C0N

It looks like B4C0N is a Nether fan, with the creation of a Nether globe and structure underneath. This is really unique, capturing the different biomes of the Nether.

3rd Place: Kursed7280084

Kursed went with a beautiful garden and Temple of Demeter, the Greek goddess of farming and agriculture. I loved this build – it’s so natural.

Honourable Mentions

Another four builders scored votes this month, but didn’t quite get there in terms of points scored. Plus, more new names and some familiar ones too.





Congratulations to all our winners and honourable mentions! I’ll send out the winnings in the coming week.