April Wild West Competition – Results

The April Wild West Competition has been wrapped up, the moderators have submitted their votes, so here’s the results, plus the honourable mentions. We had a few less entries this month, but they were still all great to explore!

1st Place: Countdodododo

Count notches up win number two with a phenomenal train build – the classic train going over a large bridge that’s been destroyed is almost a staple Wild West scene, and it’s been executed really well. Great job Count. There’s even a bonus croc!

2nd Place: _pluto_9

Formerly known as frankie8_, _pluto_9 has created a stunning Wild West town, with a hotel, Sheriff’s office, stable, cemetery and train line running through. It must have a good water source nearby, as the greenery just pops. Well done Pluto!

3rd Place: Kursed7280084

Kursed also built a small settlement, with plenty of livestock around (including someone auctioning off a rare jeb_sheep (a sheep that cycles through various colours). I love the mineshaft that was included here too.

Honourable Mentions

Three other builders also scored votes but didn’t quite get across the line.


SpeedCat995 (B4C0N)


Congratulations to all our winners and honourable mentions! The winnings will be sent out soon! Good luck with all your library builds – they’re looking great so far.