Caves & Cliffs Update and A New Economy

As some of you may know, on Thursday Mojang released the latest snapshot for 1.17 development. Given the size of 1.17, they’ve decided to change a few things up and split 1.17 into two releases.

The Summer Update focuses on blocks and mobs, and then the Holiday release for World Generation. Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is around September. There will be updates to our plugins during that time so we will get the blocks, but they won’t automatically generate in the game. Some will – like amethysts and copper, but the rest will only be available in Creative Mode. Mobs that we’ve seen in snapshots already will appear though.

Because the world generation won’t happen until at least the start of 2022 for us (we need to wait for plugin updates to happen first, which take some time), we won’t add a new world just yet. OldSurvival and NewSurvival will stay for the time being.

As the Survival worlds are preloaded with a worldborder, all of the explorable land has been explored, so nothing new will spawn in the current worldborder of 5k x 5k, so we’ll be expanding the NewSurvival worldborder to 7.5k x 7.5k. If you want those new items, you’re going to need to go exploring in the new areas!

For the other items that won’t naturally spawn, they’ll be available in an AdminShop, for a price of diamonds. When Update 2 comes out and is available for us in 2022, OldSurvival will go, NewSurvival will become 116Survival, and 117Survival will appear, in all it’s worldgen glory! Speaking of those AdminShops…

LC Economy 2.0

We’ve noticed over the last year that our economy has stagnated. Balances are being collected in order to be the richest, some shops are asking for payment in diamonds or emeralds, shops are mostly empty (save 2 or 3), or prices are exorbitant. There’s a solution that the Mods and I have come up with.

We’re planning on using two new plugins: The Diamond Bank and Shopkeepers. The Diamond Bank allows for storage of diamonds in a digital vault. Holding diamonds in your hand, enter /deposit and they’ll be safely stored away. Entering /withdraw will get them out. Shopkeepers uses villagers with custom selling interfaces – much like what you see already, but players can add the items they want to sell, for either an amount of diamonds, or to trade. They work really well, and shopkeepers are also able to be changed to different mobs. Check the Shopkeepers link above to see it in action.

Anyway, here’s what we’re proposing. There’s two choices. To vote, log in to the server and cast your vote by selecting Option 1 or 2.

Option 1

When we get 1.17 Update 1 in September, we:

  • remove the current /shop system (we’re not really using it anyway, except to get more money)
  • remove ChestShops.
  • Current /balances will be wiped and removed.
  • Add The Diamond Bank and Shopkeepers as the primary shop systems. These would be used on both OldSurvival and NewSurvival.
  • Competition plots would become free
  • Competition prizes would become diamonds, not money
  • Heads would be free to purchase, except player heads, that will cost diamonds.
  • Players would buy a special villager egg worth a diamond block for use in their shops.
  • AdminShop Villagers would be available to purchase the 1.17 items that do not naturally spawn, for diamonds.

Option 2

We do the same thing (without the AdminShop Villagers) when 1.17 Update 2 comes out in 2022.

So – the choices are we change to the new system in September (Option 1), or January 2022 (Option 2).

We think this will revitalise the economy system and make mining for diamonds all the more crucial! Diamond trading works extremely well on other servers, without the need for complicated economy systems. Diamonds are also much more versatile in the game! We think this’ll be an awesome change. It might take some getting used to, but we can do it!